Update to ZBrush 2023.0.1 Now Available


We have released an updated for ZBrush 2023, bringing it to version 2023.0.1. This is an important update for all ZBrush 2023 users (subscription and perpetual licenses):


  • ZBrush crashes when sending to Keyshot
  • Space Mouse now works again on Apple Silicon devices running in native mode
  • Redshift related error message when generating Vector Displacement Map when Redshift is not installed
  • Problem with Tiff import
  • Text3D & Vector Shapes plugin now works as expected on macOS
  • Some missing functions restored to ZModeler
  • Error when using the Subtool Master Multi-Append or Multi-Insert functions on macOS
  • BasicMaterial2 restored to Default Materials
  • Some image formats would not import on macOS if the image was over a certain size.


  • Mirror and Weld now use Gizmo position to apply the action. When Local Symmetry is active, this provides you with the ability to move the Gizmo to where you’d like a Mirror and Weld to take place.
  • Delete By Symmetry will now use Gizmo position to apply the action. When Local Symmetry is active, this will allow deletion of half the mesh based on Gizmo position and the mesh bounding box.
  • Adjusted “Dynamic Sym” to add a macro in the Macros menu which can be hotkeyed and used to toggle Dynamic Symmetry mode on or off.
  • Rendering options have been made available to users through the Render >> Redshift menu. Please see this article for more information on Global Illumination rendering in Redshift.
  • The classic behavior for Local Symmetry mode for Local Symmetry to simultaneously scale separate meshes uniformly from center has been restored and can be activated by disabling the “Dynamic” toggle on the Local Symmetry (L.Sym) UI button. Please note that just as before this specific action is only possible if the mesh has not been rotated off-axis. When “Dynamic” is active it will use the newer behavior allowing the Gizmo manipulator to determine the center.
  • To avoid conflicts with UI functionality on macOS, CMD-W now initiates a program shutdown. Previously this key could be used to assign a polygroup, but the shutdown would occur at the same time. The polygrouping functionality has now been removed from the shortcut entirely. Control-W can still be used to assign a polygroup the same way it does on Windows.
  • Redshift error logging is now enabled with ZBrush in order to better facilitate solution of issues.

Note for KeyShot 11 users on MacOS: A hotfix has been released for KeyShot that fixes how it handles live linking on M1 and M2 machines. Please update your KeyShot version in addition to the ZBrush update.

Updating to ZBrush 2023.0.1

All ZBrush 2023 users (subscription and perpetual) can install this update using the Maxon App.

About ZBrush 2023

ZBrush 2023 is now available! This new version delivers dramatic developments that give artists the ability to create high quality renders with our first steps toward integrating Redshift. You will also be able to explore new and enhanced workflows, as well as enjoy architectural changes to take advantage of the power of M1 and M2-powered Macs.

ZBrush 2023 FEATURES

Enhance your ZBrush experience with these additions:

Redshift in ZBrush

Redshift brings world-class rendering to ZBrush! This new integration delivers exciting workflows to render high-quality images within ZBrush. Redshift for ZBrush supports Standard, MatCap and Redshift materials for increased realism.

As an added benefit, you can even apply ZBrush native filters to your finished render, just as if it was a ZBrush render.

Maxon One and Redshift subscribers can take advantage of the full power of Nvidia and Apple GPU’s for rendering, while all subscribers enjoy pixel parity when using CPU rendering on any compatible system.

Click for Tutorials in the ZClassroom

New and Improved Sculpting Tools

Slime Bridge

Now artists can use the power of the ZBrush masking system to create complex geometric connections and designs from one masked island to another. Controls for Tension, Bridges, Calipers and Branches make it easy to instantly create sinewy, slimy connections between any two surfaces.

Sculptris Pro

The latest additions to this already robust tool allow artists to intuitively select mesh density in desired areas.

Dynamic Symmetry

Local Symmetry utilizes the Gizmo to let you keep symmetry within the ZBrush workspace while moving models off the center axis. Users can also control the symmetry line of action while manipulating the placement of assets anywhere within the ZBrush world space. Move your object anywhere in space while retaining its symmetry axis.

Mask Region

Fill complex masked shapes with ease thanks to Auto Region. You can even fill multiple masked areas with the push of a button.

Apply Last Action

The Apply Last Action to All SubTools function allows for application of material attributes, color information and any other “undoable” operations to multiple SubTools with the click of a button.



The industry’s best automatic retopology gets even better with options to store and compare the results of different settings on things like topological order and construction.

Keep PolyPaint

Optimize meshes at any point in production with the new option to Keep PolyPaint – seamlessly projecting the existing color onto newly constructed meshes.

Crease Edge UV Unwrap

Crease Edge automatically detects the most efficient hard edges and “creases” where UV seams should be placed for UV map generation.

Complete Notes


  • Apple Silicon support. ZBrush will now run natively on those devices, generally improving performance.
  • Redshift Bridge now included with ZBrush.
  • Redshift Materials added to ZBrush Material palette.
  • Save and Save Next added to File menu, to the Project file menu and the Tool menu.
  • Slime Bridge menu added to Tool Palette.
  • “Retry” and “Keep Polypaint” added to ZRemesher menu.
  • “Picker” option added to Stroke> Sculptris Pro. This functions similarly to the Dynamesh resolution picker.
  • “Mask Region” menu added to Tool> Masking.
  • “Create (Unwrap)” options added to Tool > UV Map.
  • “Apply Last Action to All Subtools and Folders” added to the Subtool palette.


  • Local Symmetry (L.Sym) is now controlled by the Gizmo manipulator center, allowing for symmetrical operations even after a mesh has been rotated off-axis.
  • ZRemesher now caches data which improves performance in certain situations when using it repeatedly on the same mesh. This will be most effective on higher resolution meshes.
  • General ZRemesher performance improvements.
  • Shift-clicking with the Gizmo manipulator on a vertex will now center the camera on that vertex similar to the ZModeler “Set Camera Perpendicular” feature.


ZBrush 2023 is included as part of your plan for all subscribers (those who have a monthly or annual license) and a paid upgrade for perpetual licenses.

Subscription Upgrades

Simply use the Maxon App to upgrade ZBrush to 2023.

  • Maxon One subscribers will be able to use Redshift GPU or CPU in ZBrush 2023.
  • ZBrush subscribers will be able to use Redshift CPU in ZBrush.
    Please see here for more information.

Perpetual License Upgrades

There are several options available to perpetual license users. A comprehensive knowledgebase article has been created to provide clear information.

Click Here for More Info

Purchasing (New Users)

ZBrush 2023 may be purchased from our online store for immediate download. Annual and Monthly subscriptions are available, as well as perpetual licenses.


If you have any issues with upgrading or with the new features, please post in ZBrush Help & Support or start a Support conversation. Please note that account and login issues can only be handled via a Support conversation.

When you download ZBrush, you may notice that the progress bar shows 100% complete while the software is still downloading. This is a known issue that the Maxon App team is investigating, but is not cause for concern. Please do not interrupt the download process. Simply wait for it to finish before attempting to install or run the software. This will ensure that your download is complete and that you have all the necessary files for a successful installation.

Beta tester images

Enjoy this inspiring artwork created by our amazing team of testers using ZBrush 2023.

Alexey Kashpersky

Brendon Isaia Bengtson

Carlos Ortega

Cki Vang

Damien Canderle

Dan Eder

Deryck Pelligrini

Eddie Loukil

Eric Keller

Florent Desailly

Henry Chervenka

Hugo Sena

John Williams Crossland

Krystal Sae Eua

Magdalena Dadela

Marcel Nilo

Marcus Whinney

Mariano Steiner


Michael Maher Jr.

Mike Thompson

Nacho Riesco

Nikita Lebedev

Paul Deasy

Piotr Rusnarczyk

Pitch Dev

Scott Denton

Shane Olson

Spicer McLeroy

Steve Talkowski

Vichar BN

Zhelong Xu


How do I download it? everything says to go to the Maxon App, but when I do, it says it’s already installed. But it’s definitely not. so there’s no install button in the maxon app.

Hey Ryan,

If you are in the Maxon app, there is a sync button upper right, click it and it should show you there is an update (in blue) next to ZBrush. Try that.

still no dice. I was on the beta. could that have messed it up?

Just go to – > Maxon - Downloads and login with your registered email then to to ZBrush tab you will see Download button there.

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Unfortunately the 3DConnexion SpaceMouse doesn’t work on M1 Macs… I hope this will be supported in the near future

Hi Ryan, I had the exact same issue. I went to the Maxon website, logged in using the login I use for the Maxon app and downloaded 2023 from there. When I ran zbrush and tried a redshift render it gave a message saying redshift couldn’t be found, so I downloaded and installed that separately and it all works fine now.

Pretty sure this is a mix up due to the Maxon purchase of zbrush and will all be ironed out in the future.

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Hello! I am kinda confused I got the life time perpetual back in 2020 and I have the question do I have to pay for new updates? thanks

Yes. The final free upgrade is ZBrush 2022. You have perpetual use of that version without any further cost. For ZBrush 2023 or beyond, you will have to purchase that. See here.

Is the 2023 zbrush files compatibles with the 2022 version of zbrush?

As you’re spliting the community you have to do it, plz.

i don’t want to revive 3dsmax stuff when i have to keep every version of the software to work with freelancers and studios.

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Hello folks.
The update is brilliant as always. Thank you for your hard work and really good update. However I have one negative opinion on price and selling plans. I agree with the costs and accept it but I’d like to buy a perpetual update only for ZBrush features without a bridge for Redshift at less price. I don’t want to pay for a bridge if I do not plan to use Redshift in my work.

In my opinion the bridge for Redshift should be paid separately as a Redshift.
It would be done like in the Keyshot plan you had in the past.

Please add this option for users.

Thank you and all the best to the development team.


Totally agree…

WOw, i totally misunderstood the whole REDSHIFT a part of ZBRUSH. Thats IF you buy a subscription to REDSHIFT ALSO correct? Not, something built INTO ZBrush. Can someone just confirm?

It’s like with KeyShot.

The Bridge is free to everyone. But the renderer that is accessed by that Bridge has a cost involved.

For technical reasons, Redshift cannot be a perpetual license. It requires too-frequent updates for that to be possible. So it has to be a subscription and therefore cannot be bundled with the perpetual license upgrade.

  • Perpetual license ZBrush 2023 users can purchase that subscription separately.
  • ZBrush subscribers are being given Redshift CPU as part of the ZBrush subscription. Redshift GPU still requires a Redshift subscription.
  • Maxon One subscribers automatically have a Redshift subscription and so they automatically have both Redshift CPU and GPU.

In all cases, Redshift itself must also be installed via the Maxon App. This is important to note because many ZBrush subscribers are upgrading to ZBrush 2023 but not also installing Redshift and are therefore getting an error the first time that they go to use Redshift rendering.

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Thanks, sorry I did the same. I Installed REDSHIFT now and I am able to use it for the CPU rendering inside of ZBrush. Thanks for the clarification.

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2 posts were merged into an existing topic: ZBrush 2023 Complaints to Maxon

Hey guys,

Is Keyshot still working for anyone here?
If I try to send a mesh from Zbrush to Keyshot 10.2 Zbrush gives me the message “Sorry Redshift could not be located” followed by an abnormal termination of ZBrush.
Or sometimes it crashes directly without the message.

Cheers Chris

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