Uncharted 2: Among Thieves art work

A few questions about the hair. That flyn maya guy has a similar hair style to a character I’m working on, slicked back. How many polys do all of those poly strands add up to? How do you blend them into the scalp so it looks like its grown? Grown= normal hair not hair piece.

@Bryan - Whoa you got a job there? When did you join the team?

Awesome job guys, still yet to play this game, hear good things.

One crit is just that some character styles and quality’s done match others, its always hard to do when working in team tho.

amazing work guys/gals. That game looks so beautiful (makes me want a PS3 just to see all the artwork :slight_smile: ).

awesome work:+1:

How do you use that image to create the matcap?

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments!

womball - Hey man, I joined the character team here last January.

great stuff Diamant, esp like your sss shader there. Have one similar myself :wink:

Thanks a lot for sharing your work. I really loved the game.

The game was great and it`s so cool to see all these pictures now. You all did a fantastic job! Congrats! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

indeed great work :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Truly amazing works here. Thanks for sharing!
The graphics in game is prob the best I’ve seen in PS3.I’m loving the game so much, I beat the game 4 times in 2 weeks :slight_smile:
Really loving the co-op missions too.

You guys really set a new bar on how game characters should look like.

awesome stuff!

amazing work! Can’t wait to play this one! I am leading a crew doing some advergames here in Brazil, you guys inspire me a lot with this, unfortunately those advergames have like 2-3 months to be done, with a 6 guys crew… but we try hard to make the best of us in that timeframe… and internet games heve a ****y texture budget too… Congrats for the Game of the year trophy too! You guys deverve it for what i have seen till now!

André Holzmeister

superb! :smiley:

thanks everyone for all the kind words.

Womball: as for flynn, his hair cards are fairly straight forward. if you look on the sculpt picture of his head you can see the cards. they range from 8 faces, down to two. basically just strips of polys flowing back.

as far as texturing, it is nothing to special. it is just a large hair texture separated into a few different values, and a few different types of alphas to blend into the front and the back. After that its just getting the skull cap to somewhat match the color and texture as the hair. that is where it gets harder and you just have to play with it. you can also do things like projecting the photo into those area’s to. but that can look weird at times.

anyways, good luck, and thanks again everyone.

Thank you very much i love uncharted 2 i hope we get more such great games from you guys. And i like the Character designs they look outstanding and they are very good animated.Unfortunately my Ps3 dies yesterday during a online session Uncharted 2.

Great work guys! Congrats on making one of the best games ever.

Thanks so much for the matcap. Wonderful presentation and sculpting abilities.

Great work! Loved the game and the gameplay and graphics really deserved the awards it got at the VGAs. The characters emoted really well so great job on designing, sculpting and animation (to the animators) on all the characters.

Thanks for posting, will keep on eye on this thread!

Amazing work from you guys, best characters in this gen IMHO.
Big thanks for the insights (and the matcap), too!

How do I convert that image into a Matcap?