Uncharted 2: Among Thieves art work

Hey guys,
Here is a bunch of art work from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I’m trying to get as many people from work who want to post in this single thread. Some say they will add on to this thread at a later time… so keep checking back! As of now, here is what I’ve done.
I am the Lead Character Artist over at Naughty Dog. I was mainly responsible for Nathan Drake, the main character. This meant all of his different outfits, dirt levels, scruff levels, etc… I also worked on Chloe’s head, the base for the shambalan soldier, and some random heads here and there. Drake took up a lot of my time :slight_smile:

Anyway, hope you all enjoy! We are all very proud of our work on this game.

this is the shambalan soldier rendered in maya.

this is the shambalan soldier in zbrush

this is a render of the in game version of drake. I made this for promotional

this is drake in maya. Its not the exact shaders used in game but a close approximation.

here is a closeup of drakes head in maya

here is drake in zbrush. all the fine details, cloth details, were added as a bump map afterwards.

this is drake’s parka in zbrush

this is the textured in game version in maya

this is an in game render of Chloe for promotional material. I was only responsible for her head. Her body was made by Hanno Hagedorn

this is Chloe’s model in zbrush

this is the in game Maya version of Chloe’s head

this is an old man I made in about a day. We had to quickly redo some work very last minute. He was used in the village

same deal as the old man but a village woman

so thats more or less it. I have some more images, wireframes, etc on my website if you guys want to check it out… Also higher resolution images on on my web site of each image here… check it out!



awesome anatomy

u did woonderful work on this game

man ur talented

how many polys are the models

This is so awesome!! I just got the game yesterday and was so pumped and inspired at work today i looked for some of the characters online and ended seeing all this on your website. anyways the characters look amazing everything from the perfect hair alpha plane setup to the clothes looking aged and worn out. A new benchmark for characters in games for sure, congrats on all the success and hope to see another Uncharted soon!! :+1:

Nice work! Congrats on a great game and great art!

Man this game and Metal Gear 4 are the only reasons I even contemplate buying a PS3. Love the work here. Keep it up!

There are many more reasons to get a ps3 for.:wink: Mgs 4 was also one of the reasons for me to buy a ps3, but in the end I was sorely disappointed. It’s almost as if there is no soul in that game. it feels soo stale.

On the other hand, Uncharted 1 and 2 are perfect examples of games with a ton of charm. Same with heavenly sword. I love games that have a lot of charm.

great work here guys. Really top quality stuff.

Hey Guys, here is my contribution to the project. I was a character artist under my dear sweet heart Rich. Hope you guys enjoy my work, you can see more of it on my website as well as larger pictures.



Flynn in game screen cap

Flynn Maya screen cap

Flynn body sculpt render

Flynn head sculpt render

Tenzin in game screen cap

Tenzin Maya screen cap

Tenzin body sculpt render

Tenzin head sculpt render

Creature suit head sculpt render

Creature suit body sculpt render

Creature suit maya screen cap

Dead explorer head sculpt render

Dead explorer maya screen cap

Villager maya screen cap

Villager head sculpt render

Villager maya screen cap

Villager head sculpt render

Croc sculpt render

Soldier body sculpt render

Soldier head sculpt render

Wow nice work, me and my brother loved the game is definitely one of best of PS3, maybe best alongside MGS4! Great work!

Yeah like you DAnconia and Ambient Whisper, MGS4 was main reason to buy MGS4, and while it was a great game with some great gameplay, cinematics and moments, I did also strangely feel a lack of a soul in MGS4 like you said Ambient Whisper, the soul which was strongly there however in MGS1 and 2.

Uncharted is not as deep as MGS but is great fun, adventurous, has great soul and charm like you said, and also is of great cinematic quality!

Well done for bringing this game to life with your art guys, it’s all topnotch!

Hey guys,

My name is Bryan Wynia and I’m a Character Artist at Naughty Dog. I wanted to share some of the art I created for Uncharted 2. It has been an amazing experience working on this project. I wanted to say a BIG thanks to the entire character team Rich Diamant, Hanno Hagedorn, Darcy Korch, Corey Johnson, Judd Simantov, and Ryan Trowbridge.

This sull was created for a cinematic sequence.

Jeff “The Camera Man” in zbrush.

This is a render of the in game version of Jeff. The textures are by Corey Johnson. This was made for promotional material.

Lieutenant Draza in zbrush.

Lieutenant Draza in zbrush. The basemesh for the vest was created by Corey Johnson.

Various enemey soldiers heads.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the game!

Damn guys…Awesome! Im a huuuuuuge fan of Uncharted stuff!
Thanks for sharing here!



btw, could you guys share this skin matcap?

Wow, you really have some talent. Your anatomy is spot on! No wonder Uncharted 2 looks so good…

I have a few questions if you don’t mind answering whatever you can. Could you possibly show us some of your work flow? Do you texture your high poly models before you project them on to a low poly?? Is all of your hair done in Zbrush as well? Is your skin SSS or is it just a texture map?

Congrats on a job well done. The shambalan soldier is my favorite!

Thanks for the awesome post!




Top Row all day!

Congrats to all of you who worked on it.

Btw, is there anyway to maybe see some wires on these characters?

Awesome work from a awesome game! Big congrats to you guys! Thank you so much for sharing!

You guys rock!

Awesome models, awesome sculptures, texturing, game etc.
Superb work guys…
Thanks for sharing
Congrats for everybody!


Insanely awesome work here guys! Really loving the hair, the textures, everything!! I’ve got a ton of questions now!

1.Typically how many polys were the wigs?
2.How in the hell was drake’s hair textured?!
3.When doing ingame renders is there a realtime SSS shader being used or were most the low in game meshes rendered in maya with the fast_sss_skin there?
4.What is the average time frame for completing these characters from getting the concept in to a finished, LOD’ed state?
5.How many polys are the lows?
6.Any chance to get a look at some wireframes?!

Again, phenomenal work guys. Truly inspired to buckle down and work even harder now! Thanks!

Wow awesome man. Thanks for sharing!:+1:

Great work guys! You should all be proud!

Really awesome stuff!


thanks guys!!

there are more images on all of our websites… i’ll post a couple wireframes here though…

here is the matcap that i made as well for the skin… feel free to use it…

wayniac - the wigs ranged a bit dependent on the character… Drake’s hair is around 4k tri’s… chloe’s is around the same…

Drake’s hair was done with a couple different alpha and texture cards… really one alpha and texture map just different ones scattered… nothing too crazy actually… pretty standard…

the in game renders do use a fake SSS shader… its used for our cinematics and the game version uses a slightly dulled down version. It renders the skin to a separate target and does some magic there :slight_smile: … pretty amazing stuff actually. have to thank our graphics programmer John Hable for that one!

time frame is a hard one… things change so much here that things are really never done until the game is shipped… if i had to put a time on a character, i’d say about a month and a half to 2 months… but again, some were done with tighter deadlines, others changed so much that I’m not sure I could even put a time on it…

our lod’s were originally hand modeled… it was annoying… we then went with an automatic PM solution which is what you see in game… Drake however never gets LOD… except for multiplayer… but single player is the high resolution model the whole time… same model that is in the cinematics.

the models ranged a bit as well… drake was around 37k … chloe was at 45k at her highest… each level of LOD was cut in half with 3 different levels. lowest being around 2500 poly’s…

DBriggs- I can try to go into our workflow a bit later… if any of you guys will be at GDC i’m doing a talk which will cover a lot of that…

sometimes I would texture the high poly before going onto the low poly… however, this time around I tried a slightly different approach of sampling first, then texturing the low poly… it works pretty well… however, it makes it harder when big changes happen or when you need to show off the work… I think next time around I will stick with doing everything on the high and transferring to the low…

the hair is actually modeled full in Maya… not zbrush… I just bring it in zbrush to see how it looks on the full model… but most of the time its tweaked after the low has been made…

the skin again is a custom SSS material… the texture maps are hand painted to work with the material.

if I missed anything please ask again… I’ll try to go into more detail at a later time. in a little bit of a rush as I’m going on vacation in the morning :slight_smile:

by the way… I wanted to thanks all the character guys on our team… I should have stated this above…they deserve it! so awesome job and big thanks to Hanno Hagedorn, Darcy Korch, Bryan Wynia, Corey Johnson, Judd Simantov, and Ryan Trowbridge. You guys kicked ass!!

Also big thanks to the rest of the team at Naughty Dog… Our work would be nothing without all of them!