Twisted Dreams

First I would like to apologize to forum admins and members cause this is the third thread that I’m opening and I hope it will be the last where I’ll be posting my art. The main reason why I’m doing this is thread’s name. TWISTED DREAMS is the title of my first sole exhibition that happened 8 years ago. It is also the name of my surreal art concept. That’s why I want to use it here also. So I guess I’m closing this one and moving some of the pics here.


About this project. It is still work in progress and there is a lot to be done. But I wanted to show you these screen shots so I can hear your crits. So please be my guests and start shooting.

Marko Prpic




Ola Marko!

Your graffiti art and illustrations are amazing man.
I think in no time you will be rocking zbrush forum just like that.
Keep up with good work man, cos ur in the right place! :+1:


I was really busy last two weeks so I had to put this one on hold. Yesterday I started adding some more elements. Still a lot to do, textures, background… I hope I’ll be able to continue next weekend.



Unfortunately I culdn’t make it on time to submit this for Blizzard’s Star Craft II Propaganda Contest. Well, that means I can post it here.

It’s a Zerg. Actually it is something simillar to Zerg. I didn’t want to copy original concept so I made my version of it. Hope you like it.

Software used: ZBrush, Sculptris, Modo & PS of course


And here is the final version with letters and all:


I’m very curious to see where this goes.

I didn’t use ZBrush for this one (I think reasons are obvious) but I’m posting it anyway cause I see this thread as one of my CG portfolios. Of course, most of my future works will be ZB sculpts. Anyway, this one was done in my 2nd fav app - Modo. I hope this is not against any rules&regulations. If it is, please say something. Cheers!




I’m also a Modo aficionado, I’m glad to see some Modo renders here, as Zbrush works well with Modo. It would be great if more people rendered in Modo.

Your image is fantastic, so you used Modo’s fur tools for all the fur?

And what is your Global Illumination setting if I may ask? It looks very real.


Hey, thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, Modo is great app and works very well with ZBrush. Its fur tools are amazing and you can get much more complex results with them but that was not necessary for this little guy. I can’t wait to tryout Modo fur with one of ZBrush sculpts I’m curently working on. But, when talking about fur, You’ll have to be preppared for longer rendering period. Much longer.

About Global Illumination setting. Actually I renfdered it with default settings. All I did was lower down Enviroment Material to maybe 30% and inverted it. I didn’t change colors.

But the important detail in whole story are 4 point lights I used. They gave that ‘volume effect’. Also, if Modo fur wasn’t so good I couldn’t acheive that level of realism. I also wanted to add volumetrics but that would render forever.

One more thing. If you want your fur to look smooth and silky you will have to set Render to do 3 passes instead of 1 which is default setting. You can do that inside Channels list (last option).

ZBRUSH for skin, MODO for modeling and rendering


amazing grass :+1: but was is “HE”

This sculpt is more than 1 year old… I don’t know if I should texture it or not. It was my intention from the start but somehow I lost interest. Anyway this Dragon Dog has become model for testing Octane render setup. Of course, everything is sculpted inside ZB.


ZETSOLOGY is my new portfolio website so please feel free to check new designs.
BOONAR STUDIO will send 1st newsletter for international audience in October so if You are interested in what we have been doing lately please subscribe HERE :slight_smile:


Modeling and retopology done in ZBrush :slight_smile:

I did this for Croatian company called PES which is in the middle of rebranding process so this doggy will be their new mascot. They produce custom designed promo & pos materials, mostly from differend kinds of metal. Concept art was done by IKNOWSUDAR studio. Usually I draw concept but this time I did a little bit of overhaulin and 3D modeling, texturing and rendering. Hope you like it.



Kul model Marko, I like what you did with the textures, and the scratched paint and metal bits.
Keep it up

Really cool stuff man! :+1:

@Santis - thanks, glad you like it
@a i r - thank for your continuous support :slight_smile:

Anyway, here are few more rends. As you can see I’ve posed doggy as it was some kind of cartoony character and not a robot. Reason for that is the fact that concept drawing lacks a lot of mech joints and I didn’t want to go that far to change initial concept. The most important for me is satisfied customer. This model is sooo defferent from anything I would usually do and that’s maybe why I like it so much.

I’m also adding screenshot of the model right after ZB retopo. Other software used - Modo, Mari, Octane Render.


Woow I love the design , texture , render and modeling … well I love it all !

Thanks man. I appreciate it. Glad you like it :slight_smile: