twf152_ Alien VS Predator WIPs

Hey all…

I thought I would start a new series of work inspired by Alien vs Predator. I’ve always loved AVP, at least in concept, if not always execution; so I thought I might as well take the time and start some AVP WIPs.

I say these WIPs are inspired by AVP because not all of them will be things that have necessarily been seen in the AVP universe to date. And some of them will just be updated, more intricate concepts of armor/ weapons.

Here is the first WIP. the under garb for the USCM (what they will be wearing under their armor). It is inspired by the Crye series of combat pants/ shirt, and also by the rib protectors that football players wear.

This is one of the few soft surface clothing sculpts that I’ve done, so critiques are Highly Welcome.



[attach=192700]Under Armor.jpg[/attach]





Under Armor Thumb.jpg

Under Armor.jpg




Very Nice Suit!
Love to see more.
Maybe some workflow nuggets…

The model and Clothing are pretty good! well done!

@Mahlikus The Black: thanks a lot dude I’ve seen your stuff, and it’s pretty awsome. I’ love how you present it, and the fact that you let people download your shaders.:+1:

You’ll definately see more. I might eventually start making demo vids when I work on stuff. For now I’ll just list the brushes I used for this one; the standard brush; clay brush; and snake brush. Once I figure out how to make vids in zbrush I’ll post 'em.

@Ardox: Thanks glad you liked it.:sunglasses:

'Ello again.

I call this one the Alien Mastermind. Its appearance is based mostly on the king alien that was featured in the toy line and some of the books. It’s more or less a queen, with different proportions and a differently shaped head. I don’t want to call it a King though, because to me that implies that it would mate with the queen, and I think the queen should stay self sufficient.






Very good use of Zspheres2 I would say. I have been struggling with them all the time until I decided not to use them. However, with your zsketch it look great.

Well… I’m back, with an upgraded helmet, and the textured underarmor.

It offers full head coverage with an adjustable visor, and integrated gas mask. Multiple cameras on the front, and sides of the visor allow for optimal peripheral vision and depth perception. An additional camera is installed in the back for an optional ‘rear view’ HUD element.
Seven microphones on top of the helmet in conjunction with an onboard computer can spot shooters by using the sound of the gunshot. At the same time these microphones can filter out Dangerously loud sounds

Unlike the monical that was designed specifically for the M56A2 Smartgun, this helmet can be used with any weapons platform.

Just a concept sculpt for now. Hope you like it.






Well this is very cool stuff. I look forward to when I can get the time to really explore the hard surface side of ZB. Love the suit.

Thought I’d post the initial stage for my Zsketch of an exo suit. I had done a diffarent one a few weeks ago but thought I’d start from scratch. At thist current stage I am just placing individual Zsketch Spheres where I wan Joints and major landmarks. I started doing the armature this way for a few reasons. first, is so that I’m not using whole strokes, and having a tone of spheres in the way when I just want the basic form. Second, using Zsketch instead of Zsphere Ones allows me to be a bit more spontanious. Finally, by only placing single spheres, once I am finally ready to start connecting them, I will be able to draw straight lines between two spheres, making the sketch much more mechanical in appearence.




Update 1.0

So here I am after adding some form. My main goal with the design of this suit was to keep the same relative size of the Loader from aliens, but make it more articulate so that it would be more effective for combat use. Trying to keep these two rules in tact led to it looking a little inhuman, and therefore difarent than what we’ve seen in the games.

Also, I’m trying somthing a little diffarent for my presentation so let me know what you think.:slight_smile:

P.S. is their a way to update the thumbnail I already have on ZBC? That way I don’t have to crowd other people out of their spots.

Update A_Thumb.jpg


Update A.jpg

The zsketch you’ve done is really good, I love it.

Here’s another update of the Zketch. It’s been refined a little bit, and I separated the control harness and the main suit into different subtools. As I go along I will probably break every piece into a new subtool that way I can get really intricate, like making actual joysticks N’ stuff. And that way, when I finally want to make unified skins it will be easier to make skins of each piece, so I can sculpt detail for the individual parts without everything else getting in the way.

[![Update B_Thumb.jpg|220x120](upload://4EOwgJgc4lhzq2LludfmKx3Na1R.jpeg)]![Update B_Back.jpg|1200x648](upload://u9viUrytV0XgjkidiadtuwW1Ug6.jpeg)


Update B_Front.jpg

very impressive!:+1:

'nother update.
I’ve started making everything a little more intricate. I added a couple joysticks; lengthened the legs a bit; supped up the knee joint; added backing to the harness; started completely reworking the arms; and added clavicles/ shoulder blades to it, so the arms will be able to swing across, and out from the body.
Ubdate C_Thumb.jpg


Ubdate C_Harness.jpg


Ubdate C_Suit.jpg

this is gonna be badass…

Well, I had always wanted to do a predator, but just never got around do it. After going to see Predators on Friday I decided to finally take a whirl at it.

For now it’s pretty basic. Just roughing out the forms of the head, over top of my standard human male basemesh. I’ve used move, and clay tubes on a sphere to get the main head, and Zspheres for the hair and mandibles.

FYI: The head is going to be based on the ORIGINAL Predator.

Hope you enjoy.

[Pred Head Thumb.jpg]Pred Head.jpg

Truly impressive work. Can’t wait to see the end result(s).


Now I’ve always liked the Aliens franchise. At least the first two films and an appreciation for what the third was trying to accomplish. Also I liked Predator (1&2 were both pretty sweet).Never did like much the idea of jamming them together in the same story. But whatever. Very solid use of zspheres. Especially for the alien queen. For what I am guessing is going to be the soldier piloting the ALICE, I very much look forward to seeing that and your Predator as well.

crystalbaud: Thanks a lot man. I appreciate it.

sculptor.zb: Gud?.. Thanks.:confused: I think?:wink:

Jerick: Thanks dude. I’ve always been a huge fan of the franchises. I truly believe that the AvP franchise could work, I mean the AVP 2 videogame was pretty good. Unfortunately all the movies seem to want to do is make the aliens and predators fight each other and wrack up a body count. If we could get a good director like Cameron or Scott to handle it I think it would turn out great. Unfortunately where the thing sits now, especially after the last two flops, I don’t think any reputable director would touch it.:cry: