twf152_ Alien VS Predator WIPs

So here’s an update.

I fleshed out the mandibles, and repositioned them so they’d be easier to sculpt. I added more hair so I could accurately position, and sculpt the pores that the come out of. I also worked a tad on the shoulder area.

I probably wont sculpt in the finer detail until I have the forms fully fleshed out, and then retopologize the thing as a single piece.

[Pred Head 2 Thumb.jpg]Pred Head 2.jpg

This is fantastic! Can’t wait to see it textured! Do you plan on building out armor for him? What’s your final purpose for the model–still renders, video:+1:?

Can’t wait to see the predators’ progress :slight_smile:

AndrewJarvis: Thanks :D. Yeah, I plan on doing the whole shebang, Armor, body, Mask, weapons, and texture. Though I don’t know if I’ll get Into color or not. For the most part I tend to stick with sculpting/ modeling.

Most of the stuff I do in Zbrush is done for 3D conceptualization. Any more, I think sculpting in Zbrush is just as easy as doing a 2D sketch, and I get the added benefit of being able to see the details from any angle.

dobbie: It’s a commin’. Glad you like it.

Here is the retopologized head. Done using the Zphere’s edit topology feature. I haven’t started re-sculpting it yet though.

[Pred Head 3 thumb.jpg]Pred Head 3 thumb.jpg


Pred Head 3.jpg

Pred Head 3.jpg

Looking good!
You didn’t use the projection function to transfer all the details while re-topologizing?

Nah! since the base sculpt really didn’t have much detail I didn’t feel the need. Now I figure I’ll just go strait into the detail, from the new mesh.

AVP has one of the most interesting concepts ,and you are doin total justice with it…go on…looking forward to see the final output…

hey …can you post how you created the basic head,is it totally z brush?

Dat iz wun uglee muthah f*#ah

hey man! despite its just a rough sketch now, I can tell this is the predator! original one! its a shame how they mutated theoriginal in some kind of weird and sily creatures!

mykmcdaddy: Thank you. And, yes it most certainly does have one of the most interesting concepts.

caffeineandpixels: kill me ahm heah!:lol:

Uber: Thank you. I’m glad it resembles him. I’ve always wondered why they deviated so much from the original design in the new movies. I can’t believe It’s that hard to duplicate the original, and I can’t believe, after all the outcry from fans, that the directors would keep making the goofy faces. So… I just don’t know.:confused:

Because everyone wants to have their own take on an awesome concept like that :slight_smile: It’s a kind of tribute.
Personally I liked all the alien, predator and even the alien vs predator movies. Even though avp2 sucked donkeyballs as a whole, the fact a predator was present and we got a glimps of the predator homeworld, architecture and culture was priceless!

I’ve sketched out a predator of my own I want to sculpt soon. I’ll be keeping an eye on yours for reference whehe :wink:

Hey all!

I wanted to post a video of the sculpting process. I did this one from scratch, and went through it kind of hastily, so the end product isn't quite as good, and the video came out a little squashed. But hopefully, it will give some insight into my process. [![mov thumb.jpg|202x122](upload://h3bcII98QWHvrDF1DoJLOjyyWKF.jpeg)]![Pred Head Step.jpg|1200x819](upload://6R2CKibxwr38bfajlBqo1TzEh2e.jpeg)


I started working on the mask. It’s just the base-mesh for now. I didn’t want to put any features (like the eyes) into the acual topology. That way I can sculpt in any kind of features I want, without the mesh getting in the way of itself.

I’ll do several sculpts to test different designs. then, take the ones I like, and base the armor off of them.

[Mask Thumb.jpg]Mask.jpg

thanks a lot for the video twf 152 ,using a separate sphere to give basic shape was a good idea,…waiting for the final output :+1:

I got the first batch of masks done. I’m going for a more militerized/ futuristic look for this guy. I’m trying to make him out to be more of a soldier/ police (or at least the predator equivelent of those) than just a hunter. So I’m trying to make it look like these masks have little pieces that actually have a function. Like a re-breather or something.

Let me know what you guys think so far.

[Masks_A thumb.jpg]Masks_A.jpg

You want to add your own concept , i appreciate it…but try to keep the KILLER type look of the predator…i mean i like the center piece of the image you have just posted coz it has its natural predator feeling,especially the eyes area…,you can make combinations like the eye area of the middle one with the jaw area of the first one ,i think that will look great,…keep experimenting,…you are doing a nice job…hard work will pay .

3rd one reminds of of metal gear solid for some reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im really liking the second, keep going. :+1:

Looking good. You should sculpt the new class of the Predator from the movie that just came out. They look way nastier…


Yeah. Except that I thought the new predators (all of them since Predator 2), just look really goofy. The “Super Predator” from the new movie looks ridiculous. The mandibles were so huge and open so wide, that it doesn’t even look like a predator any more. It looked more like an Elite from ‘Halo’.

I didn’t think the masks were bad. Except for the bird looking one, which I thought looked like the guard on the front of trains.

That’s just my opinion, but I’m just saying that I don’t expect to sculpt the new preds any time soon (or ever).:cool: