Tutorial Videos for Character creation


Not sure if this is the right place to post it, but I’ve finally uploaded some video tutorials on Character Creation for videogames.

Its more of a overall overview of the process but its geared towards production.
It was made over a year ago so some tools have been updated (mostly Zbrush) but the principles should still apply.

It covers everything a Character Artist should be able to do, from receiving the original concept to delivering a final model approved by the art director.

I’ve learned a lot more since then and can see some flaws on some parts but it should be helpful for people who are just starting.

Let me know what you guys think and if it helps the community!


Here is a breakdown of the content in the Tutorials:

Using the base template, adapt it so the silhouete matches the concept art
Prepare mesh for Zbrush work (UVgroups/Polygroups)
Align mesh to concept art
Align head to concept art
Tweak head details
Tweak eyes and hair position
Fix arm angle and overlapping issues
Cleanup mesh in Max
Detail overview of Unwrapping the low-res Head
Prepare different groups
Tweak Jaw
Tweak mouth
Tweak Eyes
Cleanup and test Unwrap
Prepare UV groups for Zbrush

Starting with the base template head we sculpt a High res head using the concept as guideline.
Basic shape and overall layout for the main shapes
Working on details
Creating Hair
Review Head

Creation of the High res body following the concept and then the low res version to use ingame.
Review of the concept and preparation of the model
Review of basic High res model in Max and changes from the original concept
High res modelling in Zbrush
Retopologize body in Zbrush
Export to max

Preparing model to be textured in Photoshop. Includes importing all the low and high res parts into Max, Unwrap them and create Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps.
Import Low and High Res Head
Fix geometry, topology and UVW map for Low res Head
Optimize High res Head in Polygoncruncher
Create Normal and AO pass for Head
Unwrap Low poly body
Export High Res body from Zbrush and batch optimize
Create Normal and AO pass for Body
Review mesh in Asset Viewer

Final step of the model creation. Texture work in Photoshop and any aditional tweaks to the low poly geometry to support the textures.
Create base texture for head
Create base texture for hair
Create base texture for shirt and tie
Create base texture for trousers
Create base texture for shoes
Clean up and review textures.

Review of the model and any changes that were made in the end. Overview of aditional texture and geometry tweaks and what could be improved.
Geometry changes
Texture changes
Normal map Editing

Fixed the link and added the final render of the Tutorial Character.


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The tutorial refers to a template file… am i just not seeing al ink on that?

For anyone else that needs a human basemesh tool i found this tool helpful to start off.