Tutorial on creating low poly mesh with qRemesher from high ress DynaMesh model


thank you very much, it is always interesting to know how others work gives many ideas:+1:

Nice workflow, thanks for the Tutorial!

Thanks so much for making and sharing this tutorial. Very helpful.


I believe I have learned so much from this. I can’t wait to apply it to what I am working on.

Thank you.

Yes, thank you very much.
thats very, very helpfull to me.

PFC666, sadicus, EZRA52, InkySpot, Jake Rupert,
wow, waht a great response! Thank you for kind words, I’m glad you’ll find it usefull :smiley:

i know this was said alot above but, thank you, it was very helpfull. and your sculpts are awesome too… anyway thanks again!

Great tute :+1: many thanks for posting your findings and method.

Thanks a lot nebular.
It’s also a pretty nice way to make sculptris meshes ready for zBrush and other apps :wink:
Fast easy and keeps all the detail when reprojected on the original sculptris model.

Not without mistakes but a good example:

Thanks for your tutorial. :smiley:

Thanks a lot from me as well!

Thanks Jake, Boozy and Adam and welcome!
Patokali, nice result you have there!
Knacki, great idea with Sculptris! Try to close the holes with pinch brush/ mirror and weld combo to avoid having adtional topology in place where holes used to be.

Thank you very much for sharing Nebular. This thread has been very helpful and inspiring.

This is great thanks.

Can I ask, if you have an external app (Lightwave, modo, maya etc), I take it you could export your mesh after the qremesher.
Then in the external app, delete one half, make sure all the centre points are actaully on the centre, then mirror and import back into Zbrush.

That would work wouldn’t it?

Poda, thanks :slight_smile:

But the thing is that with just exporting your mesh you will loose your subdivision levels. You can export only one lev and import object
that is separate one…
But with GoZ that would be possible I belive but I din’t try this. But ‘mirror and weld’ will do exactly what you saying in zbrush.
I got other modeling app but personally I only need ZBrush and I depend on it.

If you keep the original high res mesh, why not?
Go wherever you want, reduce more, import again, subdivide, append original mesh, reproject.

If you export at the lowest level, then reimport the altered mesh, it will just transfer the sub division levels AFAIK

Of course Goz would do to.

Sorry if I was wrong :wink:
I didn’t exported or imported a model in a very loong :wink:

Very good tutorial! Thank you. :+1: