Tutorial on creating low poly mesh with qRemesher from high ress DynaMesh model

Great tut,many thanks!!!

You can delete half your model, turn on your floor on the correct axis mask out all verts that are on the edge,
invert your mask and use the move tool to move them and make sure they cross the edge. once that is done you have 2 options, using the clip brush you can snap them.
But a better option is to use the mirror and weld feature.

In regards to subdividing, Its easier to duplicate your original mesh. Now decimate and do your qremesher on the surface no need to subdivide.
After your qremesher start subdividing and applying projections.

I like the tutorial - very informative.


How-where do I access (get/use) the guide brush for Q-Remesher?
I am using 4R5
When I Click the curve sensitivity or any other curve related tool in Q-Remesher I get this flag =


When I go to the plug-ins at Pixologic, there is nothing at all about a Q-Remesher plug in…

What’s up??

squeige, Ya, I know the technique with reprojection and I was using the way show in the tutorial befor I even started use the reprojection one
and I think both are preety similar and time consuming. I use both of them now - the projection higher subdivision when I do the retopology
by hand and the one show here when I use the qremesher. I dunno why :wink:

Nate - the Qremesher plugin was intended to be a commercial one and I think it will be with with the next plugin relesa, it’s why we see that messasge.

Guess I’m a blind old coot… thanks.
I found the tuts at pixologic under “topology”… was looking for “qremesher”

Also the topo brush in the brush palettes…

    • Slow, but getting there - thanks again!! :o

Im so happy ! nice job you made. Thank you

Thanks a lot for sharing your tutorial!
I don´t know if have you tested already but hereyou can find the Zwelder by Joseph Drust. It´s not official plugin. But it can solve these holes and keep your nice topology quite fast.

Your technique on page one is very interesting. I have had these lage models that were over 4 million points that I couldn’t retopo. But it looks like your method works really well. I will try it soon. Thanks for the great tips!

I’m very happy you found this usefull:D

I’ll chcek the zwelder out - sounds interesting, thanks!

thank you for the tut :x

I have a question, why didn’t the polygons follow my seams?


my answer for my question above, is I’m using Zbrush 4R5 and it has a small slider named curves sensitivity and you should bring it to 1, so that Zbrush can capture the seams that you’ve drawn


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