Tutorial - EZ Zsphere Hand - Good Topography

I spent the last few days learning how to make hands with ZSpheres. Which have to have decent topography for animation. I couldn’t find a good/easy hand tutorial so I invested the time to learn on my own. This is what I learned…


:large_orange_diamond: Zspheres have built in snap-to connection point system, based on its XYZRes
:large_orange_diamond: The X, Y & Zres must be set before you create the Zsphere :warning:
:large_orange_diamond: The X, Y & Zres settings are found under [Transfrom] when in Edit mode and using Zspheres.
:large_orange_diamond: press Shift +slide Xres, Yres or Zres to change one Res at a time.
:large_orange_diamond: If you Move a Zsphere into another Zsphere it makes a dimple.
:large_orange_diamond: BUT if the Zsphere is a 1/1/1 Res and you Move it into another Zsphere, it doesn’t dimple and allows for Fingers & Toes be modeled with good topography, :bulb: found by complete accident :bulb:

:warning: except when using the ZScript XYZAdjust2, It allows you to alter the Res after its created. - Props go to TVeyes! for this great tool.

Here are the steps to how I made a hand with Zsphere.

(A) in image #001
Start with a defualt Zsphere
Click Edit [T], rotate your view straight on (rotate +Shift)
Hold Shift and click on the Zsphere 2 or 3 times
This make a Zsphere attached to the original with the same size

(B) in image #001
Next go to [Transform] and change the Xres to 3, notice that the Y&Z update to 3 also. Hold SHIFT and change Zres to 2.

rotate your view straight on (rotate +Shift)
Click Draw[Q] and attach a Zsphere.

© in image #001
Next go to [Transform] and change the Xres to 1, notice that the Y&Z update to 1 also.

rotate your view straight on (rotate +Shift)
Click Draw[Q] and attach a Zsphere.

Move[W] the Zsphere into the parent ZSphere just to the point that it changes appearence as if concave.

(D) in image #001
Next go to [Transform] and change the Xres to 0, notice that the Y&Z update to 1 also.

rotate your view straight on (rotate +Shift)
Click Draw[Q], THEN hold SHIFT and attach a Zsphere (to what appears to be a concave Zsphere). Attach (with SHIFT) 2 more times

REPEAT C & D,D,D onto B for each finger the Thumb can be just C & D,D

Scale[E] Move[W] & Rotate[R] each ZSphere until happy with results.


I’ll attach a script I made to give you a starting point. You will still need to
tweak the Zspheres to make your perfect hand. Enjoy!

this is beautiful…I love you!

i can’t wait to get home and try this out!:smiley:

thanks a mil’ for sharing mate.

That pretty well rocks.

well done tom,

i was wondering how to do that aswell :+1:

Thanks for the kind words, guys. I’m glad to see that people are getting something from my pain :slight_smile: It just might be the encouragment I need to do other tutorials from my pain :smiley:


Looks like an excellent setup especially with your clever use of a 1,1,1 res zsphere at the beginning of the finger. Thanks for the info:+1:

how could i miss this thread? great hand setup! thanks for sharing!


Thanks for this. It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks from me too, as a newbie (to ZB), its good to know that there are ways to make a well structured SDS cage with ZSpheres, the hand is a good example. Now I will have to try inserting loops for the top of finger joints and pads!

You saved me hours of swearing :smiley: thank you.

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excellent, I’ve just been trying to suss hands for the last few days with no success. Thank you

I liked it so much I just did a quick printer friendly version for myself in PDF form. if anyone is interested its here:



Do I take it right, that now, using marvelous TXT files of the lessons scripts,
we can presently send very small files to avoid large files of the ready mesh?


Thank you! Your pain, our gain.

Nice tutorial,thanks!!

Thank you for this. Hands seems to be a common problem for alot of beginners with zspheres including I, this should help me :slight_smile:

Thank you, thank you and thank you.:+1:

And to avoid sending video tutorials :wink:

Great tutorial! :+1:

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