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Hello guys, this is the ‘Self-Portrait’ project done in Zbrush, rendered in Maya with Vray and composites in Photoshop. Hope you guys like it. Comments and critiques are most welcome.:slight_smile:ME_FINAL_RENDER_V1.jpgME_SCULPT.jpg



very nice work!!!

Excellent sculpt! Great render, too. :+1:
Can I ask you about your workflow? I see a lot of people going from ZBrush to VRay and I can’t figure out how. I can see all of the fine detail in your sculpt even though Maya can’t handle very high poly sculpts. You have neck creases, slight wrinkles, and pores showing up in your final render. So I’m wondering how you did this. Do you use normal or displacement maps? Is it just a decimated mesh with enough poly’s to keep all the detail? Or is most of the fine detail actually done in photoshop? I really want to know. I am a sculptor/technical artist so I can create some very detailed sculpts but I can never get them to production quality because I’m stuck here. You seem to excel quite well at the production/rendering aspect of 3D art. If you could share your method I would greatly appreciate it!!

Hello Bob, thanks for the comment and appreciation. Well, this is not the decimation mesh. I started with a base mesh in maya. After giving basic shapes to the mesh, i exported the model to zbrush and started giving details. After the detailing was completed, i extracted the displacement map out of it from level 1 to level 4 , and a normal map from level 4 to level 7 (last sub. div. leve.). I also exported the mesh from level 1 to maya.
Using diplacement and normal map, i was able to get all the details in maya while rendering the scene in vray. There are certain settings that are important if we want to get the same result as in zbrush. But that really depends on how you are extracting the maps. Hmm…, thats it.

Yeah for hair, i used fibermesh in zbrush and exported their curves to maya. Now in maya, i applied maya hair system to the curves.

Hope this could help you.:slight_smile:

hey tushank,
great sculpture man… i woould fix the ears and eyelids for some reason…
keep up the good work :+1:

This is actually very helpful! Thank you! Any reason your displacement maps are 1-4 and normal from 4-7?
Again, excellent sculpt! I really enjoy this portrait!

Hmm…this is the trick here. Actually, displacement map genuinely displace the mesh but it is too expensive to render the fine details, therefore i used it till level 4 only. The detail of level 7 could easily be achieved through normal map with less render time.

Thanks Sir, definitely i will mind those areas in my next work. Thanks again Sir…:slight_smile:

This makes sense.
Great work! I look forward to seeing more of your art!

Some models I did for 3d print last yearFlash_ReverseFlash.jpgFlash_GorillaGrodd.jpgFlash_GorillaCitySoldier.jpgDND_MOVANIC_DEVA_ANGEL.jpgDND_KOBOLT_FIGHTER.jpgDND_BUGBEAR.jpg








Very nice work!

Could I ask what method you use to achieve the hair on the Gorillas and the Bugbear?


looked like a really fun project, really nice work on the sculpts man!
Do you have a textured or ingame version of them aswell?
Looking forward seeing more from you buddy :slight_smile:
happy zbrushing :slight_smile:

I made an alpha in zbrush and used it to give a base for the overall fur. Then, i sculpted and refined the shapes using orb crack and snake hook brush.

These sculpts were for 3d printing. No game res or textures were created in their production.

Male anatomy and clothing study done under the art direction of Sriram Chandra and Ankit Garg.






Anatomy criticism:

  • The medial head of the triceps is oddly, like “unfinished clay stroke” towards the common tendon of the triceps. Should be a full, round piece of muscle, like other heads.

  • Ulna isn’t completely straight from the elbow to the wrist, from the posterior view. There’s a slight angle upwards on the area where the anconeus muscle sits. Look from references.

  • Adductors and hamstrings is usually a single “smooth” form on the back of the thigh

  • Same “smooth” form applies to flexors of the forearm as well, exept the pronator teres which is right on your sculpt

  • Seems like he is missing the tibialis anterior muscle from the front (anterior, and a bit lateral) side of the shin, …and when you add it, remember that it turns into visible tendon towards the foot and inserts to the medial side of the foot.

  • Also, the tendon of the extensor digitorum longus on the foot area is missing

A good quick reference for the lower leg:

gorgeous characters!

Nice job on the male study!

Thanks man, your suggestions are really helpful. There are some major issues on his forearm and lower legs. This model is an old one and I have no plans to rework on it. But. for sure I will remember your suggested points in my next male anatomy study that I am thinking to start soon and will love to get your feedback on it to improve. Thanks!

Here is my female anatomy and clothing study. Comments and critics are most welcome. Cheers!!!