Tucho's New Sketchbook

Hi people, I just published today my new online portfolio and I’ve also decide to create a new sketchbook thread to post some models of the new galleries on my porfolio.

I made a selection of some of the best models of my old sketchbook to start this new one:











and here are some new ones:



Really great stuff. A fabulous beginning for your new sketchbook. All done in Zbrush?


Thanks for your comments EZRA52, I’m glad you like my work :slight_smile:

All done in Zbrush?

I used Zbrush to sculpt the high poly meshes of all these characters and props, after for retopology I normally use Topogun or directly 3ds Max.

Some more props for Risen 2


Everything fantastic, keep on posting :slight_smile:

goooood assets!!! good luck man,

Great sculpturing, excellent wor tucho :+1:

Thanks for your comments guys, I’m glad you like my work :smiley:

That’s some awesome skills :slight_smile: Thank you for inspiring us. :smiley: Are you using solely Zbrush for the normal maps and base mesh modelling?


Thanks for your comments shaidelacroix :), yep I use Zbrush just for the sculpting of the highpoly models, normally I create the basemesh in max and then I export it to zbrush to subdivide and sculpt, but in the latest versions of Zbrush I also created the basemeshes from scratch directly in Zbrush using the dinamesh. For retopology I normally use Topogun and for map projection XNormal, but I think that this is a question of tastes, some mates of mine make these parts of the process directly in Zbrush and they get good results.

Hello, thank you for the Topogun tip. Definitely heading over there to check out the program and forums. I am still fairly new to this, learning xNormal+Zbrush workflow from a pro is ace. :slight_smile: Btw, I saw your sketchbook via the Pixelogic Facebook update.

Wow! I haven’t seen the link to my thread on the Pixologic Facebook, thanks for telling it :slight_smile:

Hi again, more than a year later, working from time to time on my free time I finally finished this model, it is a character inspired on the knights of the 14th and 15th centuries. It has about 8k tris and 3 texture maps 1024x1024 for head, 2048x2048 for body and 1024x512 for weapons. All the pictures below (well, unless the one from zbrush) were rendered in realtime using the awesome Xouliul shader from Laurens Corijn. I hope you like it, as always crits and comments are welcome.




Fantastic Designs! I look forward to see more creations soon:D

Thanks for your comments COSMEX, I’m glad you like my work :slight_smile:

Last week I didn’t have too much work, so I took the chance to try some new techniques and pipelines, I made a gargoyle statue from scratch on Zbrush using Dynamesh and after I made the retopology using topogun.


Nice gargoyle! I like it. :+1:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

A very convincing gargoyle.
Excellent work:+1:

Thank you for your comments Michalis and zber2, I’m glad you like the gargoyle :slight_smile:

I started to work with a programmer on a personal game project, it will be a classic top down ship shooter for iPhone/iPad, the project has no title yet and as we are working on it on our free time we don’t know how many time will take its development.

Here are the first ships that I made for this project.

I hope you like it, as always crits and comments are welcome






Very nice designs. Sure would like to buy and play it, when its ready for download.