Truly Deeply ZB Challenge

Rules: Deeeep, no time limits.

Deduct points from yourself if the global perspective beasty bites :slight_smile:

Tip: “You shalt not converge” Wield deformations wisely to power up.


That’s a pretty cool image, and well executed. :wink:

Thanks Jason, it was as pilou might say “5 minutes realised”. I’ve been exploring various ‘far-scape’ techniques in ZB and one would appear to maneuver itself past what seemed to be a ‘limitation’ of ZB’s finite canvas depth (or is it tool size).

not perfect, but hey :wink: bongo.jpg

On tippy toes, funny and I like the intent expression too. Good character.

I agree, wonderful idea. Simple and with enough interest to draw the viewer in. :wink:

Another sketch, must go deeper. :slight_smile:


So long time I have nothing made with Zb
I am waiting again a little for be sure to understand the thema :slight_smile:
And after just 5 minutes realised :smiley: (for antimorph :slight_smile:
Images above are very energizing :cool:


i like that machine siding with futuristic sky, cool colors too.

Cool challenge. This took about 45 minutes. I used Marker Master and global perspective (I guess I get null points?).


oh, now thats deep! i feel like falling into the image when looking at it :slight_smile:
that one single splitter pixol doesnt hurt too much, i first thought its part of the image.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Yeah, I could have got rid of that but I liked it. :lol:

How deep can it go?
totally tubular.jpg

That’s cool Erklaerbar, sidewalls are interesting.

Ha, marcus. Sinister skyrail.

Blaine, that gives me an idea.

Here’s a thought, take a flat plane, deform it along Z so that you have more polys at the front (like a log scale), add progressively smaller details in the poly heavy region (near), deform with the perspective slider and then use global perspective. Keep a morph target of the most interesting log base. Rinse and repeat. :slight_smile: ZScript to follow.

A quick Z-doodle


Also Black Holes love candy!

Perspective distortion at around 80 for this knockup. I’m starting to enjoy the tool placement technique that uses offsets rather than the gyro to put things together.


Been following this Challenge, even though I havn’t contributed. And my Question is to Antimorph with regards to the tool placement technique.

Antimorph, can you explain to me or direct me to a thread that explains what this technique is.


I can leap in here with an answer. :wink: With your 3D object in Edit mode you can adjust placement by changing the Tool: Deformation:Offset slider. By clicking the little X, Y and Z on or off, you can change the axis for the offset. This is really the same as moving the little red cross in the Tool:Preview window and then pressing Store - you are changing the center of the object. As the tool is placed on the canvas according to its center, if you change the center the tool’s position will be changed also - if the tool is in Edit mode (i.e. hasn’t been dropped to the canvas). The method has advantages, particularly if you want to combine meshes by exporting as OBJ and then re-importing as a single mesh by using the Tool:Import:Add button. The drawback is that if you draw further versions of your ztool on the canvas, all will be offset.