Torn Cloth Tutorial

Working on one of my projects I wanted to add a torn look to the edges of fabric. After some experimenting I finally figured out how to do it in Zbrush, and it looks pretty good. Quick overview of it is your using a weave pattern with Micro Mesh to Geo to get you torn fabric, but doing the whole model this way will create an insane amount of polys, so figured out how to just make the edges geo and the rest of the model using Micro Mesh during the BPR. I go into detail below. Like to see what you guys can produce with this effect, so feel free to post your results.

Also supplying you with my weave pattern ztool to get you started.

(Update: Click Align Edge on the Modify Topology next to Micro Mesh Button to prevent the Micro Mesh from flipping or rotating your Micro Mesh.)


Torn Cloth Tutorial_1.jpg

Torn Cloth Tutorial_2.jpg

Torn Cloth Tutorial_3.jpg

Torn Cloth Tutorial_4.jpg

Torn Cloth Tutorial_5.jpg


Torn Cloth Tutorial_6.jpg
Torn Cloth Tutorial_7.jpg




hey man you are great! thx 100000000 for this, really interesting and useful :+1:

Glad I could help. Definitely post some of your results here, Id like to see what you can come up with this technique.

very nice lesson :+1:


Great tutorial, very clear. Thanks for sharing

Your Welcome! Hope its useful for you.

Great tutorial man, thanks :). One problem though, since the seams only go away when you do a BPR, I’m guessing it wont work as well if you were to take it into any other software for rendering or printing. Is there a reason you use weave pattern as a micromesh instead of just using it as an alpha?

Unfortunatly you cant export the model out unless you want like a 20 million+ poly model if you BPR to Geo the whole cloth out, so you have to stay in Zbrush for this Technique. I thought it would be Cool to have actual geometry to tear, instead of doing the same old alpha trick. Guess its your personal preference on what Technique you want to use.

This is a amazing Tutorial and very creative. I am going to give this a try for sure thankyou…


Top row tutorial, thanks for sharing ^^

Very cool technique. Thanks a lot for sharing.:+1:


Thanks Everyone! Glad you liked the Tutorial. Definitely post your results here, I’d like to see how people are using the Technique.

Very awesome tutorial Sir ! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

really great tip :smiley:

Can it be converted for game stuff?

Your Welcome!

You could export the threaded edges out, but the poly count would be to high for the game engines. In my example above the point count 150,000+

Very clever solution thanks for thank ing the time to do the tutorial.

Well, if You can export geometry then polycount doesn’t matter. Couple milions of poly is good enough to bake normal map and alpha for opacity.

Thanks, great tutorial:D

Your Welcome Rick! Hope you can put it to use on your Awesome Sculpts!