Topology experiment.

Thanks Handlebar:+1: . Great tute. I have owned zbrush for about 8yrs… I never bothered with this type of modelling until now.

I have learnt following your instructions a couple of ‘don’t do’s’… never add an edge loop twice to the same area in succession (one edgeloop tends to get lost), and secondly ‘smart symmetry’ actually works on lowpoly models.

I shall post a couple of low poly models shortly. I would have now but I got carried away and mangled the mesh of the model in this image… another quickie special…


Great model ED, great point about the edge loop, best to keep geometry as low as possible at this point.

I tend to model in as much of the form at this stage as i can, i was put off organic modeling when i first started with zbrush by so many posts saying that it cannot be done effeciently, well hopefully this thread will put an end to those myths. I too started a dog this morning and the whole process has taken me just under an hour to get to this stage, about the same amount of time as it would in any other 3d package.

I started out with the bace zsphere model as you can see, but i found to get the edge flow, that is important for the mouth loop, you need to swith on y symetry to draw out two spheres from the bace sphere and then change to x to draw out the muzzle.


this is an open eyes tutorial!:+1:

Box modeling at the Zb saucer :+1:

Right I shall continue… now that I see what you are doing to get the shapes right for your model Handlebar.

I lapsed back into organic modelling after I subdivided the mesh… shame on me… but I do find that the mesh is far easier to work with if it has initially been box modelled…
I’ll be back into this… method tomorrow… and I will post the results and the tool.
Anyway here is my play… unfortunately I destroyed the low poly mesh for this.
It is another quickie…but fun to do. Bit off track really, but will keep the thread alive hopefully.


Cool ED, thats what this thread is all about, if the underlying mesh topology is good then it will be much easier to sculpt and animate at a later stage.
Here’s the finished bace model of my Rottweiler, will try and figure out how to model a low poly hand next, as that could prove to be quite a challenge.


This is a terrific thread Handlebar and I’m sure it will become a classic in time. Keep up the good work. I’ll post something later.

great work man. You open my eyes And here is my picture

krysar, that looks wonderful…would you post a picture of that head with polyframes off? I’d like to see it smoothed.

handlebar, you’ve started a very informative and interesting thread here. I keep trying the methods you are showing and have not had the same success, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of practice. Do you find that it’s best to only add the eyes in the initial zif, or do you recommend doing the muzzle/mouth area as well? I have found that the more loops I add in the zif stage, the more 5 point intersections I get, and that causes me problems.

How would you suggest dealing with this?

heads again.jpg

Cool, lookin forward to seeing more from you folks.
Krysar, that’s a mesh to be proud of, and its great to see the progress shots.
Slosh, the reason that i only add the eyes to the original zsphere model is to avoid the problems with six point poles, and it also gives me a choice of polys to extrude the ears from. I will put a little tut together on my thinking behind box modeling in zbrush and to clarify why i do things, i think if you understand the simple concepts first the penny will drop.

Here’s my first go at modeling a hand in zbrush, lightning fast to do, and all thanks to Lemo for his guitar tutorial that you will need to watch to understand the principles.
I haven’t tweeked anything into shape yet, just created a good platform to work from.


Thanks Lemo.

Well produced another dog. Still not getting the clean mesh I want, I need more practice. One ear gained an extra poly thing somehow. I shall try again. I did try the technique you used for the mouth Handlebar, but x and y were awry, and straightening the spheres was a headache… I gave up on that technique and reformed a human low poly I did earlier to produce this dog here…


Krysar can you show how you select in each step to get your results?
handlebar thanks man for this superb tut:D

Handlebar tut1%1.jpg


to andreseloy: sorry, but I don’t have more progress screenshots
to handlebar: hand is
to Slosh: ok, here is smoothed version



I am still having troubles with this thread. I dont understand how you guts are progressing. Do you make the initial zsphere with the eyes in and then convert it to a polymesh then tweak it as if you dont i get vertices exploding everywhere.

Also is there a tut anywherre on how to split and extrude these vertices as you do?


In the ZBrush software Help, look at the zscript tutorial and pic the Edge Loop Modelling tutorial and before run it press show actions and notes to see step by step.


Handlebar hi,

Just wanted to throw in my head so far made following the first page. I got lost a little but worked this head out so far. Im relatively new to modeling and wondered could I ask (please) if you can tell me what issues may occur continueing with this mesh .
I really appreiciate the help so far ,



learning alot from this thread, would like to see some tools posted of some of these base heads.

Useless model, it didn’t follow handlebar’s tutorial.