Topology experiment.

Hi folks, been ages since i’ve posted anything, i’ve spent the last year trying out lots of different software and have come to the conclusion that i want to create a zbrush only workflow. This is just an experiment trying to model good topology in zbrush, i didn’t think it was possible but now i’m convinced it is, its all down to the order in which you do things. This is my first atempt ,starting from zsperes, with only the eyes added and then converted to a polymesh and box modeled. Will have another go tonight as i messed up the jaw line by adding a loop too early.
If anyones interested i’ll do a step by step when i have things finalised. head.jpg
Nice to be back

steve 8)

and of course i want to see your step by step for sure will be of great help for the zbrusher!
Waiting for more:D

Great head, that should deform nicely!

Thanks Andreseloy, here’s a view that might be more readable




Thanks Lemo, i think it should work, i’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to avoid six point poles, which is a problem if you go the usual roll-polly man rout.

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You isolated your ‘problems’ to the cheek bone and the temple. Where they do not pose a challenge. And if… the deformation taking place will be something 8).

Cool elegant ZBrush work flow - look forward to your tute / zscript.

Also I love the purple cucumber slices for rejuvinating the eyes.:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

i would be interested in an explanation as to how you have done this. Not just simple pushing and pulling while its a zsphere?

This looks very nice. I would be very interested to see how you achieved this without blocking it out in another program. You aren’t leaving C4D are you? Love seeing those renders. Looking forward to more.

OK here’s the basic steps to form good topology, from here it’s easy to add more geometry to isolated areas as all the loops are in place. Hope it helps someone.


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Good work, it looks ok! :+1:

Thanks for share handlebar!

I’d say it looks very helpful, especially since I’ve been spending the last week trying to do the same thing with some very frustrating results!!! I’m going to study your pic here very closely and give it another go. Thanks

What a great workflow, thanks for posting.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments folks 8).
Here’s a little update on ear topology for better sculpting, its just to show how edge flow around the ear area is very important, i could add a lot more edges but would make for a very long tut. The reason i left the ears out on the original zsphere model is because ,this way, i’m left with a lot more topology to work with.
It’s been fun doing this, i think that’s enough to get you up and runnin’


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thats smart ;]

More Please :slight_smile:

Thanks folks, if you want more i’ll put together a quick tut on animal head topology that can be used for anything from dragons to dogs etc. Give me a few days and i’ll see what i can come up with. I’ve got the basics worked out, just need to refine it. I never intended on making a tutorial thread but if you find it useful i’m happy to continue.

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as you can see your thread is very usefull, lot of interest and lot of things to learn…and is ZB2!!!:+1:

Ok ZBrusher’s, here’s the deal… Your mission is to model a simple cartoon head at level one subdivision. You may start off with zspheres and then continue to box model from a polymesh. Just post your progress in this thread and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Open discusion about all things meshy, good edge flow, poles etc is what this little venture is all about, so if your in just say ‘ygolopotyzarc’ and we’ll see if we can turn this subject on its head.


Here’s just a little example to give you an idea of the low poly aproach, but yours can be anything… rat, dog, amazonian tree ferret, the choice is yours.
Hope you join in, many brains are better than on a subject like this. Have fun.

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