Tom Newbury's ZBrush Sketchbook

Thanks for the feedback guys!
And thanks Evan!

The video works now!

Hopefully I will have more for you soon!

Hey everyone.

Did another sculpt which I finished off this morning.
It took a total of 2 hours to comlete.


And here is a timelapse video of me sculpting it.

<iframe src=“http://player.vimeo.com/video/38339485” webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder=“0” height=“363” width=“500”></iframe>

More to come!

wow really cool creature. thanks for sharing the video as well :slight_smile:

awesome, and good sculpting :wink:

Nice thread, I like the dragon you did quite a bit.

Your more recent sculpt reminds me of a sketch I did here , down at the bottom.

Haha hey KPtoons

I am a big fan of your work and my latest sculpt was loosely inspired from that sketch of yours.
I really should have referenced you.

Be sure to see more sculpts done from your sketches if thats ok with you!

Keep up the great work, I follow your blog, love the info you put up on there, very inspiring!

Also thanks to everyone else for the kind words :slight_smile:

Wow, the dragon is really awesome i like the style between cartoon and also really stylized, i like the form from the jaws

Hey no worries Newbzy, sorry if that came off wrong or anything. I dig your work, and I am flattered you sculpted my sketch!

Can’t wait to see some more from ya :]

Here is the skull I started a while back.
My workflow on this one was, modelling it from a sphere using dynamesh until I got to a certain level of deatil (look back at my post on first page). Then I retopologised the mesh (not the cleanest retopo but its not going to be animated to ah well). Then I finished by adding high levels of detail.

I only looked a photo reference and peoples drawings to sculpt this.

Let me know what you think of it. I could have gone further with the details but I got over it…

I also started this as part of a character sculpt where the top part of his head is a skull, so I might return to this piece to finish turning it into the charcter I had in mind.


More work to come shortly!

cool skull. lower jaw looks like it needs some more work though

Hey guys.

Thanks for the feedback on my models, much appreciated!

Here is some new stuff I have been working on.
This is my first attempt at a full body sculpt.
I used a sketch by Joshua James as a rough reference for the forms of the character.

This is still very much a WIP I now plan to retopologise the mesh in Maya and then bring it back into ZBrush and project the details onto the new mesh. Then I will do the high rez sculpt and probably texture it as well. Then if I am still liking the character I might even rig it and do some quick animations. (or get a friend to do some animation).

Hopfully I will have more to show you on him soon.
Let me know what you think?

Monster man.jpgalien_body_WIP_V006.JPGalien_body_WIP_V007.JPGalien_body_WIP_V008.JPGalien_body_WIP_V009.JPGalien_body_WIP_V010.JPG

Here is a video of the process, its a bit fast but I didn’t want people to get too bored watching it…

<iframe src=“http://player.vimeo.com/video/38821107” webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder=“0” height=“363” width=“500”></iframe>

I also did a bit of a lighting test on the skull model to see what sort of things I could get out of it.

Hopfully I will post more within the next day or so.

Really like your sketchbook Newbzy, lots of good stuff, and real progression from sculpt to sculpt. Dig the skull :+1:.


Here is where I am at with my character. Still don’t have a name for him yet. His persona is that of Optimus Prime. Kinda old and wise and strong, but can kick ass at any time. Since my last post I have retopologised his mesh and UVed the mesh. Now I am in the process of detailing the mesh. I feel as though I might be pushing the muscles too far and should have more of a contrast between fleshy and muscle areas? Ah well I will just have to keep going with it. My next post should be the final detailed model. Then onto texturing and then hopfully rigging.


More to come soon!

Hi guys

So here is the final detail pass of the character.
I still might make a few more changes but other than that its time for texturing.
It’s going to be my first attempt at poly painting so we will see how I go.
The render could be better but it was just a quick setup…

Oh and I think he needs some props too so I am going to make him some sort of staff, and whatever else I can think of…


After texturing it will be time to rig and pose him and give him to a friend for animation!

Let me know what you think.

More to come soon!

Hey guys

Here is my update on the texture.
This has been applied to my animation friendly mesh which consists of 5800 pollies.
I have applied a diffuse, normal and displacment map to achive this look.


Now it is time to rig him and build him a platform and some props to give him a bit more charcater.

You canb check out my progress on my blog (http://tomnewburycg.blogspot.com.au/) It has a bit more info on my workflow process than it does here.

More to come!

Hey guys

Have taken a break from my other charcater. He will still be completed at some point, but I am putting more of my energy into this creature bust.
Which at first was meant to be a quick one hour sculpt which turned into a 4 hour and counting sculpt.
I started with a dynamesh sphere and sculpted him to a 70% level of completion. Then took him into Maya to be retopologised, and now I am just doing the final details.
I also plan on texturing him too. I used a concept sketch from chainsaw droid as a reference. It isn’t exactly the same but the general form is.


Here are some screenshots of Oak rigged and posed. This was just a test pose to see how the skinning is going.
He still needs a bit of work on his skinning and then I have to finish his staff and create a platform for him.


More to come soon!

Just a quick update.

Just finished the final details on the retopologised sculpt.
Now time for some textures :slight_smile:


Trooper looks great.
Thinking about his Tong.

Well I finished texturing the trooper, then I imported it into Maya and applied all of the maps to the low poly geometry and did a render.
I will do some more renders from different agles when I get some time.


More to come tomorrow.

Let me know what you think.
Remember this is based off the sketch of the very talented ‘Chainsaw Droid’
The texturing was my own pallet though.

that looking bad ass dude, looking forward to the new renders