Tom Newbury's ZBrush Sketchbook

Hi ZBrushCentral

My name is Tom and I only started properly dabbling in ZBrush in the last couple of weeks. Ive been studying everyday and think I am starting to get my head around the software. I signed up here to get feedback from people with more experience.

I hope you like my work.



This is just a work in progress of my first serious model in ZBrush.
The main form is pretty much done, just have to go into fine details now!
I started with a geosphere and at the middle image I retopologised the mesh because it was getting unworkable in areas and I am now detailing.





Very good job man! Cheers! :slight_smile:

absolutely lovely start

Love the progress, keep at it.:+1:

Thanks for the feedback guys, glad you like what I have done so far!

Here is an update on the detailing progress. Did a few hours this morning.
Still a fair way to go, but its fun!

I changed the shader because I found it easier to see the details.

Nice work i like dragons… :+1:

yeah ill be keeping my eye on this one, that basic forms already look very appealing.

awesome tomo, as always, good to finally see ya on here bruh


Thanks for the comments guys much appreciated!

Jutsu: Yea man thought I should get on here and get some feedback, have only been here for a couple of days and I can already tell its a wickid forum!

So Detailing is almost complete!
Just have to do the tongue and then touch up a few areas.
I have a problem with the tongue where it should be conected to the inner mouth, but I created the tongue as a seperate object.
Is there any way I can fuse the tongue with the inner mouth apart from retopology? I just think the model would look better if they were conected.
Otherwise I will just try and blend them with colour when I get to polly painting him.

Let me know what you think?



way too many teeth, it is ruining an otherwise excellent design, there is too many of them and they are too uniform. , yeah i know thea arent done but just thought id drop the only possible constructive biot of crit as i just adore this one

Hey guys

So I finished off the dragon, decimated it and did a Vray render of it.
Its still only a clay render but hopfully I will get confident enough with polly paint soon to finish it off.


I have now also started my next character which is ultimatly made up from a skull so I decided I would sculpt a skull first and then work offf that. Keep watching to see the progress of the character! The skull is still WIP btw.


I’m only new to ZBrush so give me feedback on what I need to do to improve!

I like this dragon head, i have 2 crits, first is the muscles of the neck wich are looking quite sharp, i’d round the shape. 2 crit is the shape of lawer jaw, very thin it gives me the feeling that this bone is very fragil, and not adapter to the shape of the uper jaw.

Good start for the skull, an idea is to use the noise preview to gives you a better feeling of bones, and it allows you to sculpt, i think it could be usefull in this case.

Keep it up!


Hey guys

Took a bit of a break over Christmas and New Years, but getting back into things now.
Here is my latest model, using reference for the general design but making up a lot of stuff on the go.


This is Dynamesh so far, but I want to turn it back into a polly mesh soon for the intricate detail.
If I want the polly mesh to have a range of resolutions do I have to retopologise the mesh and then project the dynamsh onto it?

Ah well Ill work it out.

Keep and eye out for more updates


Hey everyone

Just thought I would update my thread because I have some new work.
Let me know what you think?

Finished this guy up and rendered him out in maya.

This one was an hour sketch. Below a quick video of the model getting sculpted.

<iframe src=“http://player.vimeo.com/video/38156987” webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder=“0” height=“363” width=“500”></iframe>

Not too happy with the last one but ah well practice makes perfect…

I have more time on my hands at the moment so hopfully I will get more of these done!
Might even start a full blown character for the first time?

cool creatures dude.the angry alien buddy is really cool :slight_smile:

Beautiful collection of work you’ve got here, love the dragon especially.

nice sculpts man, everything’s great! I’ll be watching you!

amazing stuff! very clean sculpt, the dragon is soooooo nice, I like dragons a lot!!:smiley:

good stuff mate. I like the dragon and bird guy the most :+1:

when you are looking at your video on vimeo there are two buttons on the top right hand corner one says share and the other says embed. You choose embed and paste that code into the forum post and it will show up in your thread :sunglasses: