Todays project

Hi started this this morning.Thought that I’d do something that wasn’t dead for a change. Did a quick render in Modo to see what it is looking like, lot farther to go, thought I’d post the progress. Can anyone tell what inspired this? [attach=39712]femz.jpg[/attach]



suri cruise?
Vanessa Redgrave As Elizabeth 1?
Monte Wooley as Elizabeth 1?
None of the above?

Well, if you wanna consider it done, nobody would fault you. Beautiful expression and pose. :wink:


Alice Krige as the Borg queen from ST:First Contact?

I love the lines in the pose and the turn of the head. Very nice!

Maybe Philip K. Dick’s PreCog from Minority Report.

V. Redgrave, Camelot?

I truly love that peceful, self reflecting render. As if she listens deeply into herself. As if she would say any moment ’ Hmmmmmmm Chocolate!’ ;-}


PS: She looked pretty good when I was 6 years old 8-).

modonna and child?

When something digital can keep ones attention so well and so long, it is great. No need for color or gore. just light and shadow. this is a finished piece already!!

Tilda Swinton aka Grabriel from Constantine…

or Lori Petty as Tank Girl

droooolies :smiley:

Love the model Rick.:+1:


I had lunch then worked on this a bit more.
LY , you are correct. It is based on a painting on the sistine chapel by Michelangelo. Only i think in his painting it is suppose to be a boy,either that or it is a woman with an awful masculine body. I chose to make it a woman because I thought the face was very beautiful. It’s not done yet but I’m going to take a brake for a while.
Thanks Jason and Lemonnado ,and everyone [attach=39722]michfem.jpg[/attach]



Awesome! :wink:

not Monte Wooley?:cry:

Dang… No Chocolate 8-). Not even a cigar…
I was so sure… sighhhh
Now I’m curious what you make out of your androgynous girl. Now I know… she’s dreaming of a gender change… HA…



really nice render! im very interested to get my hands on a copy of modo!

cant wait to see it finished.

Download the demo!!!

Very serene & elegant depiction (of the Libyan Sybil?), Rick
and beautifully modelled too - I hope you’re going to texture this one up :+1:


Very nice! Looking forward to seeing where you take this one.

Seeing these renders that MM is producing in Modo makes me want to pick it up as well. I’m sure Maya can do nice renders (well, I know it can) but I’m boned if I can get it to do anything that looks half as good. Hope Modo is easier to use.


Hi worked on this more. I wasn’t planning on finishing this one off like a real person more like a sculpted bust. I’m not crazy about the eyelashes, couldn’t really do something that thin on a real bust.
Artwooki Actually this was based on Nude Youth but it does look symilar to the one you mentioned.
mxhaunted, I really like Modo I find it very easy to use and I’m basically an idiot when it comes to these programs,as lemonnado says download the demo.
thanks all michfemssscomp.jpg

After seeing the renders that you had produced with Modo I had to take a look at it for myself (was actually earlier ones… not this one). The videos (half hour) that you can download off the site made me very excited about Modo. I mean really… what hobbiest modler can really afford Maya? I think that $900 for something as powerful as Modo is very tempting (and I am just an unpaid artist doing it for the fun).

I recomend to any poor modler to check out Modo… In my experience Maya has a hard time handling high poly anyway (at least on my meagre machine (3ghz P4 1gig RAM). I would never be paying the $7,000 for Maya, but I may very well shell-out the $900 for Modo.

Anyway, that’s my two-pence worth. :slight_smile:

Great model Rick. I drool at your lighting. Very inspiring.