This is a little project I am doing, it is a WIP. if you have any comments or questions or ideas please feel free to post. [![ZToad.jpg|720x1824](upload://hVrAH6uKsioielOZ2rxzHPxKJLi.jpeg)][](http://attachment.php?attachmentid=58780&stc=1)

Wow Eric you have really out done yourself, congrats on the nice piece!


Nice work Dr. Jones!

The edgeFlow on the eye would make it difficult to simulate any known occular anatomy with geometry, if you were intent on doing so. Otherwise, its a nice Frog. Keep at it!

What can I say? It is really well done in my opinion. Cool stuff :+1:

WOW! :eek:

Thank you all so very much for the kind words.

Btw I can show you the eyes edge flow I think you might find it a little more impressive. But that will have to wait till I can go home I’m at work and I’ll be here from 9pm to 9 am and I don’t have my sculpt, other wise I’d put it up.

Thank you all again.

Sweet toad man! Love it! The sculpting is beautiful … I wanna see this textured and rendered - full of shiney slime and mucous!

Maybe it’s not taken from life-reference but I’d like to see some more definition in the back legs, the front ones look perfect. Also, his head shape has kind of a long upper lip - hair lip thing going on. Eyes maybe a bit on the small side too?



This toad looks pretty good :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing some textures on this guy.

hells yeah, tell him Wade! dude, that is gonna look great rendered,i wanna texture and shade and light it too!

hey eric, the bottom of the frog doesnt really look like it belongs with the rest of the piece. you gut a lot of random roughness in the legs and underneath while the top feels more like bone. i would say you could deffinantly push the bumps a lot further and add a LOT more of them. also the bumps on the side that you do have feel very untouched and neglected. they look like you just did a quick inflat and left it at that. the feet dont look like they have been given enough detail especilly the toes. i like how the body folds ove the back leg but for some reason i think the back leg should be fatter. especilly if its going to propell this giant body. but other than that, looks good.

The model is top notch. I keep waiting to see it start moving. The only thing that even remotely breaks up the feel of the model is something you already mentioned to me… the eyes aren’t big enough. I feel like they should fill up more of the cheek than they do. Besides that, I look forward to seeing the rest of the models you keep telling me about and the demo reel you have planned. Good luck man. See ya round.

Well I made some additions nothing major add a little to the toes, defined the back leg a little but not too much as there legs muscles look fatty, and made the eyes a little bigger.
I hope to have a scene to put him in some time this week end. Keep an eye out for updates. Thank you all for your support.








Whats up buddy, it’s me Dave from back in college :slight_smile:

Just stoppping by to give ya kudos on the model, I tried to pick it apart n give some sort of useful critique, but nothing siginificant comes to mind as of yet, besides maybe the front legs being larger than the back, which seems strange, but I am not a frog expert!

talk to ya later.

oh yea, this does give me the opportunity to post this…

Nice work, I like the texture.

Yes~ very nice work Eric… but other then saying very nice i couldn’t have any constructive opinions on it… since the level of detail is so high and like CemeteryKid said… i’m not a frog expert either… but will you share some of your secrets in the process? anyways… 5stars from me.


Ok secrets hum I’ve never had many of those, ok well I’ll go over the major stuff first then answer any other questions that I can.

Start off with a nice mesh; 

-even edge flow 

-no 6 point intersections (especially across the center line) 

-try and avoid twisting in the base mesh  

-look to have more polys in the areas of greatest detail 


Once you get it in break it in to easy to use poly groups. This is why the mesh images have different colors. 


    <b>Transpose</b>; I did a lot of work with this and there is one trick you will want.

If you plain on doing anything that may effect the center area go ahead and mask it off.
This way you don’t end up with over lapping polys or pinching that may effect your sculpt.


<b>Nostrils:  </b>This was done a little differently, and I wish I had a jpg to show you exactly what went on her but I think you will get the idea. All of this first part is from the inside of the head. I did your standard extrusion into the head and gave it two edge loops set evenly apart. Then I did one more that was the same size and pulled it toward the center away from the first set.   

            Inside of ZB3 I ran a crease to hold the edges of the open area. From the outside I used the inflate in zsub to open the nostril cavity. Then I went back in to bring the nostrils around the opening. This gave it a more natural cavern feel to the nostril and helped in the general 

I hope that this helps explain some of the many things I did to get this little project started, if there is anything specific your interested in I’ll see if I can explain how I did  it. 

oh use lots of reference it makes things look better.





Great Model! Thanks for sharing!!:+1:

Looks good man. Only crit is that i feel the jaw line is to thin. Maybe add some sago r more roundness leading into the belly. Keep it up look forward to seeing more stuff.

Great model and thanks a lot for the tips and insights into your workflow.
Very useful!:+1:

I thought you all might need something to look at while I finish up the texture. This is my first stage blocking out the colors all over, but I couldn’t help but put the stripes in. I think I’ll call it a night and leave you with these images I hope I can have more for tomorrow.


OH i almost forgot to tell you all that i haven’t done much with the LEGS. i was starting with the body and i’ll work on the legs tomorrow, yes legs tomorrow.

P.S. If this keeps going well I might have to use it as my new avatar what do you guys think?






Amazing, hey any more tips on making the eyes and fitting them to the sockets? Are they a subtool?