Time For My Female Model

Hi all …

Fantastic in more ways than one …

I’ll be posting on this thread the WIP of my fully posable female model.
She will be all done from scratch inside Z3 and then on to Poser.

Thanks Antonio … (DRAKELOT)Female-ZBrush3.jpg

Fantastic new stuff on Z3 … I’ll post images from the start a little later …


Looks great drake :slight_smile:

Now those are bombshells :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work. Now hopefully I’ll get a working download link soon :cool:

I’ve been working on her hands and feethand.jpg

thanks … Antonio

I’ll post the feet tomorrow

grate details on hands wooo man :+1:

Here goes the head and some subtool works …


Some more images …




a first texture test …




OK, the head is back on the body …

I just had to make this helmet …baby-1.jpg

She’s almost ready …


Thanks for COMMENTS …

wow, this woman’s going to need a back brace with counter-weights.

nice work on the helmet. :+1:

Wow…way to show off the new perspective cam :wink: Now that’s 3D!..er…maybe 4D…possibly DD…


I’m really diggin your topology layouts…

Now you have me wondering if it is better to have a nicely detailed topology on the lowest subD lvl.

Some more images of my female model and her new armor (fully UVmapped and unfold).ZBrush-baby-ZB.jpg

She’s got a very huge set of…umm… but over all looking quite nice :slight_smile:

Yeah, as nice as they are, her chest is way to large for practical purposes (fighting in this case). She wouldn’t be able to fully swing a weapon cuz they would get in the way.

But the modeling is decent over all.

Looking pretty good, but there are some major anatomy issues with the torso as well as the legs.

The abdominal muscles look alien almost. And where the Vastus Lateralis and Vastus Medialis tie into the patella it looks a bit off. She’s also quite skinny in the stomach area. Maybe thicken that a little. Use a lot of reference and try to get the overall form down really good before going into minute details.

I like what you have goind so far!! I think you can improve it more though!! Keep up the good work!!

I don’t see any issues. I really like how the metal is shaped for her body. Great work! It reminds me of that old arcade game “Battle Axe”, which BTW is one of the sweetest games ever.