Time For My Female Model

I’ve moved this post here …
it’ll have her body …




Over 3.5 mill polygons just the head

Now a Toon Version of my Girl !!!


Have a grrreat week …


The breasts are freakish. Get some older pinups to find out how large, natural breasts hang on a woman. Those look like ticks.

The second more cartoony girl is a lot more appealing. Her breasts still look a bit like implants though.

I just installed ZB 3.1 and nothing is working, help !!!

You can see Elecktra ZB and my new Sandy Princess :

I’ll post more next week …

Antonio …



All renders with ZBrush-best-fog-soft-debth-6 lights …

Thanks …


She looks like she suffers from back pain judging by the size of her enormous breasts.

What did you use to unwrap UVs? They are very clean and nice.

I use UV layout :


take a look

you need more practise in moddeling but your unwrapping skills are quite good! i never got into headus

Thanks for sharing.

NP … Elliott …

the breasts have lots of morphs, lol !!!

Here she is rigged and textured …


Hope you all like …


hahaha ‘i dream in symmetry’ im starting to dream in wireframe!! i enjoyed all the comments here about boobies they were all funny… arite— so drakelot-- ive been wanting to buy UV layout ever since alex alverez showed me how simple and efficient it is- i feel like its essential for anyone that wants to finish anything in a reasonable amount of time. the thing is, ive spent SO MUCH money on computers and software its really difficult for me to invest more money on a luxury like this. i just noticed that there is a $200 version of the program- hobbyist- looks better than the $400 for the full version. question is: which version did u get, and if you got the hobbyist version, any regrets?

Thanks my friends

Xylda ZB.jpg

See her walking here :



That’s gotta be jam…cuz jelly don’t shake like that! :smiley:

Some more playingZBrushC-drake2.jpg

Xylda and her new conforming outfit :


More from my lady :

XYLDA & her new outfit …

The Claw and Fusion Gun.