Hi Guys!
This is my Tiger, created in zbrush 4R6, 3ds max and rendered with vray
I hope you enjoy!
big hug!









Looks nice :slight_smile: I like the realistic scene and the decent light :slight_smile: where did you created the fur? Max or Zbrush?

Wow! Looks really good! Also interested in the hair/fur method you used with max!:smiley:

This looks sooooooooo, good, how did you do the fur, was it in zbrush?

Looks awesome. Great fur.

Great job, amazing fur.

One suggestion maybe; take the colour sat down on the tiger and up your ambient light just a little (add grey or v.pale blue) to help him/her sit a little better into the backdrop… tiny thing, apart from that, awesome job! :slight_smile:

Beautiful fur!

Excellent work, I really like it :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
Regards kecaj


Thanks guys!:smiley:
RawSunlight - I loved your comments.
thanks for the tips :+1:
I am very happy with the comments.:wink:
The hairs were created in zbrush with Fibermesh and Tiger texture with spotlight.




great stuff. very cool groom and expression

Wow you have done an awesome job on the fur, which is not such an easy thing to do. Love it!

martinruizl , Daniel Biggers - Thank´s Guys!
Loved the comment of you!:cool:
I’m posting a new update !

The hairs were created in zbrush with Fibermesh and Tiger texture with spotlight.


This image I started at the end of the year and finished yesterday. The hairs were initially created with Fibermesh (Zbrush) and exported in 3ds max. The scene was a bit heavy, but I could render (Vray 3.0) .Espero you like it. Big hug to everyone!

thats great work,excellent

aberam811 - Thank you man!
Thank you for answering here.

It was incredible Antonio! congratulations:D

Congratulation, Antônio! Very nice work!:wink:

Fantastic work.Top Row quality.keep rocking bro.;):wink:

Incredible work Antonio, very well done.

Stunning. :+1:

I thought it was a photo, at first!