The sketchbook of OrganizedChaos

Hey all! I usually post to polycount/my blog, but figured I should go ahead and set up a thread here as well.
Most of what I do in my spare time are speedsculpts that I spend about an hour on using dynamesh from a sphere.

These are speedsculpts that I did in attempts to practice designing my own monsters, inspired by birds. It’s a little personal project that’s still a bit ongoing since I have a list of suggestions, from friends, of birds to try out.
(inspiration came from my sister!)

Pine Grosbeak




Bald Eagle


Sometimes it’s more relaxing to work off of others concepts. I spent more than an hour on these

Here’s a sketch based off of Allison Theus’s concept here
Salmon bebe. 
Lunch doodle, per usual.


And Paul Richard’s sketch here


Love them all:+1:

Great stuff, the Alisson Theus’s sketch is awesome.

Your monster sketches are awesome! Keep up the good work!

glad you started posting more of your glorious work here, Crystel!
pumped to see more! :smiley:

Super fun stuff here!

nice work :slight_smile:

damn those are epic monster sculpts!!!

Always weird posting across forums. You go on cghub, facebook, forget you had something on zbrushcentral :expressionless: Ah well, it makes my posts look way more productive!
Thanks so much for the kind words guys! I really appreciate the encouragement :slight_smile: Kind of crazy, a couple of you really inspire me, so it’s especially good to hear :slight_smile:

Here’s some more bird inspired speed sculpts!!
Sun Conure

Here’s a speedsculpt I did for Halloween (eesh, has it been that long???)

Which I recorded with a potato…
Seriously though… I love that you can make a video out of your past history… but does anyone know if there’s a way to lock the camera?

Here’s my current WIP - he’s supposed to be a redesign of Morbius for the Comicon Challenge over at gameartisans. But that’s over (GO VOTE!) I really want to finish him so I’m trying to hold off on doing something else until I do so…





nice stuff. you should finish that Halloween sculpt and put some ripped clothes on him. Awesome work.

Thanks gabo! I really should! XD

Here’s an idea I started a while back for peter konig’s workshop and decided to finish up recently. It’s been getting some pretty amusing reactions XD


Really like your style. Great work.

Very cool! I love your creature head sculpting! Especially the tree lookin guy. Great work keep at it


These busts are great :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: I would love to see some full shots of these guys!

Love that slug creature nice designs

Hey guys! It’s been a long time again since I last posted here, so here’s a couple things. A lowpoly retro-space guy, my comicon entry this year (doomsday+ fin fang foom) and a first sculpt in what will hopefully become a series of figures produced by me. I’ve got details up on my patreon https://www.patreon.com/organizedchaos… right now I’m just waiting on quotes/time estimates for it to be 3d printed and molded/resin cast for 40 copies. If anyone has any recommendations besides ownage(already e-mailed them), i’d be glad to hear them! :smiley:

Also, here are some 3d prints I’ve done of some things I made for Dota2 showing what I hope to achieve through Patreon with my own ideas.

20150729_211939 (1).jpg
20150725_020400 (1).jpg


Figured I’d post another update :slight_smile: I ended up going through ownage after getting a couple quotes and they’re almost done! They sent me this awesome image of the 3d print. I decided to remove my patreon, so ignore that :slight_smile: I’ll be opening up a shop once they ship with crystelschimeras.com


I finished up the design for the second chimera in my lineup too! :smiley: A gargoyle! Planning to get this guy printed out around 5 inches :slight_smile:


The next chimera I’m designing will be the bakunawa, but lately my focus has been on freelance, so nothing to show for that yet.




That dragon is awesome! good job :smiley: