The Sketchbook of HaloAnimator

Thanks man… I am still working on one final piece…Ambient Occlusion and add a little bit of reflection…

Good afternoon from Boston. And here is the final renders for this creature that I had so much fun designing…rendered in MR, grass is XSI hair… post processing in Photoshop…enjoy…


It turned out very cool :):+1:

Thanks man…I think i am going to go back for a moment and add a few more smaller details, particularly in the mouth area…like some saliva

hey all… i am back with another update… didn’t like the grass, but it is just me being :slight_smile: i hope you like pebbles and vines…

[](javascript:zb_insimg(‘189031’,‘Cobrasaurus%20Vines.jpg’,1,0))Cobrasaurus Vines.jpg


Cobrasaurus Vines.jpg

looks good man. I personally liked the grass better. Good stuff though.

Hey Maximus…i liked the grass too, but I felt compelled to make it look primitive… and the pebbles were a challenge too… i had to generate them procedurally using ICE in Softimage :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, just passing by to share my new creation… after reading Scott Spencer’s new digital sculpting book (great ready btw :+1:), I have started working on my new demon, started it from Zspheres, which is pretty nice… I am still trying to establish the type of build this monster will have.

Here are some grabs (following the book a little as I am learning a new workflow. Right now, I am not liking how the eyes are looking and still need to fix the ears and stuff around the mouth. the model is still too lumpy. I am at 2.5 million polys…which is not enough at this point, but i think the gesture is important. Still more to come…



Here is some more progress on the torso… I think i love this workflow for designing characters :). I am concerned about the back of the character…still need to add more distance to the traps and fix the lats. I am going for a very lean feel to him

Some C&C would be awesome. here is the character sheet.




Hey everyone, just passing through with some progress…

I had to fix the eye, which I hated it… had to use the claytubes brush to mass in the shape of the eye. After this, i want to get back to the feet and start refining parts…maybe tweak the knee area to add some curvature…and possibly thin out the character…





Good morning from boston…just posting some updates on this guy… need some feedback before I go ahead and retopologise…I like the level he is at but i do think I need to fix some more things on him…

Any feedback and ideas would be awesome…thanks.





Good morning from boston, and I have some new progress on this guy…just experimenting really with this since i have no clear concept. Right now, I am still fine tuning the armour and adding some interesting tidbits, like the gems…and armour details. Been working on this off an on.

Here are some renders of this character in different materials…i just love how zbrush renders them… just started the hanging piece and still need to work on the gloves and fix up the proportions on the model…

Any feedback would be awesome… thx.








Hey everyone…just posting some updates on this model… I am hoping to get this painted and rigged. Still need to clean up some of the details and add some straps to the model :). I was thinking of this to be a game model but the poly count may be too high for that…

Any kind of feedback would be great :slight_smile:






Hey everyone, just passing through to share some progress on this model… I started off with the polypaint on some cleanup on this model. I tried to borrow colour from a piece of leather greaves i saw on google but i think I will go more toward red armour…maybe a dark crimson. If anything, here are some progress shots…

and still more work to do… will need to fix the fingers on the hands since they look too fat… and still need to add more detail to the face… stay tuned





LOL… I was actually a bit: “what the??” when i first saw the spikes early on, but looking at your latest image - I can very much say; great work!

Here is a quick update… I love this new smooth clay MatCap by Kraken… it really brings out the detail… working on the textures now… more to come.




Hey everyone…just passing thru with a new update…got tired of the old armour and since i have been sick as a dog, I went a new direction with the armour… now it kinda feels like a bug-shell-thing…i am also thinking of changing the chest plate too… but i love the central landmark on it too… what do you all think?

Going to work on a new polypaint too… enjoy

[](javascript:zb_insimg(‘203838’,‘Armour%20New.jpg’,1,0))Armour New.jpg

Hey everyone, good morning from boston, and I am passing thru to share with you some progress on this character… I have him in mental ray but i am focusing more on the real time version of the character. I still want to add details like leather bumps and some damage…

Nearly all of the texture painting was redone in ZBrush 4… stay tuned for more


Hey everyone, what’s up…just felt like sharing today on my model (really want to get it finished)…this time I started working on the shield…and I really going to have this one quite decorative since it will be his war emblem. Also trying to keep the details quite sharp on this one…and add some damage and dings with the new clip brushes…just can’t get it to work…anyway, here is the sculpt of the shield so far… more to come