The Sketchbook of HaloAnimator

Hello everyone, as I am frequenter on this forum and loving all of the great work I see, I would like to start my own sketchbook so I can gain tons of knowledge. I have posted some of my own work before, but I feel ignorant towards the proper human form. So I hope with this sketchbook, i will learn tons about proper anatomy.

Right now, I am working on a new game model, for my portfolio, and for this challenge, I have decided to tackle the female body again since my last attempt was not too great in my eyes. In this one, I have been using a lot of references, and reading the Loomis/Hogarth material to ensure things go smoothly as I learn, but I still feel things are very off… and I know she doesn’t have her butt sculpted in…once i finish the clothes, parts of the body will be deleted. And the clothes will be retopologised.

Here are some renders of the model that I am working on, and I hope that with your feeedback I will get better and better.

(NOTE: Do not mind the clipping you see on some part of the model. I wanted to continue tweaking the body until it feels natural…and I am making two costumes for this character, so having the body there will help a bit…)

Thank you.
















your well on your way concentrate on the low poly silhouette of your character before you spend to much time on clothing ect. only to go back and refit or remake ! :+1: :+1:

Hey man, a fellow new englander :). Thank you… I am still trying to get a feel of the female form looking at different references, he body still feels a little off, i may bring in the shoulders a little but i have seen some women who have broad shoulders and when the arms at their sides, it fits in the Loomis Body Chart.

…i still have to finish the pants details and fix them so they fit.

Nearly everything has to be retopologised except the body (BTW, I love the retopology tools in ZB, it is a true life saver :slight_smile: )

Stay tuned…

hello there, i think u should follow Gary Komar advice, forget about clothes now and make the girl look good without it, u may find some references an documentation that justify your sculpting like the shoulders issue, but remember youre trying to create a character that looks good! so it must be close to the anatomical reference but u can be flexible to put things on a place or pose that looks more attractive. try to relax the initial t-pose , she need lower and smaller shoulders , go lower on your divisions in zb and try to make it look fine with out worrying about details on the skin and stuff like that…ill try to make some paint overs for you later if youre ok with it… :wink:

hey Jorge, knock yourself out… I love paintovers… maybe you can show me what i am missing… i have the pose like that because she is going to be rigged in XSI… i could move the arms down even closer to her sides and focus on the armpit too…making my life easier :slight_smile:

the clothes are already sculpted but i leave them out for now…

ANd yes, i would like that paintover… :):smiley:

hello , Im sorry Im slow with the feedback on this one, but my job sometimes become very time consuming :).

here is a little example of what i think is useful to auto crit your models…after sculpting a little bit u can always make a screen grab and compare what you have with your concept or reference image, the examples i use of course are not your reference…but im using those as an example :wink:

also u can do this for the body, ill try to make more paint overs a bit later man…on the body , but first try this comparing to image technique, use side and front pictures…that way ull know wich parts are looking nice and wich ones are looking odd…

about the t pose, well i use to think the same way, not really caring about the pose because i always rig the characters and then pose them, but i think is nice to to show characters progress with an eye candy t pose, like more straight, kinda heroic posing if u know what i mean. still a basic pose and easy to rig but also looks good, i have to practice that as well i think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

hope this help a little bit.fdbk1.jpg



lol i just notice i did write “tu” instead “to” hahaha…i might have other flaws on writting, rolf sorry about that …hahaha

ah btw try to put an image of the reference body youre using near to your sculpt as well or if u can put it transparent over it while youre sculpting or in the back ground so u make more accurate moves ;).

Hey Jorge,

Those are some very good paintovers… and dont worry about the body…i have pictures of bodies i saw today… and I do wish i could make the active subtool semi transparent.

I am already working on the second costume now…and with my new workflow, i think I have figured out how they make fighting game models with multiple costumes

stay tuned.

ok mate ill be following your progress …:):sunglasses:

Good morning from Boston, and I now have the first costume done. I actually went ahead and lowered the arms a little further to relax the t-pose. And once I finish the second costume, I am going to bring the model into Xnormal for texture creation.

And here are some renders of the costume with polypainting applied. I am going to be doing the hair in XSI…

Stay tuned.




Hey, here is some progress on the second costume… just a little something before work with a rough polypainting…i am going to be emulating satin or some sort for this one…

Still need to model the waist garb and work on the satin gloves… stay tuned…


great work
come see my sketchbook

Hey everyone,

I have started to get into Zbrushing a bit more often, and started a new sculpture. This one is based on a creature i saw in a game called Primal Rage (old game) and i figured what the hell, and learn how to use Zspheres to design models and my first attempt at a dinosaur-type creature.

I am still trying to get a feel for the anatomy, and smooth out details. Some feedback would be awesome so i can improve on this sculpt. Work time so far, 1.5 hours (taking breaks in between)


hey everyone, just posting some updates on on my sculpt (I kinda of hate off and on). This was supposed to be a quick speed sculpt, but I get very involved in my models and been working on this for two weeks now… still trying to get the feeling of loose skin on this dino, especially around the feet and hands And I worked on the scales just for the hell of it, …

Any ideas on how i could soften up the skin on her. Still working on the skin tone and details like puffing out the scales to give them depth and variation. More to come.







Good morning from boston… just posting an update on this model, getting ready to finish it. i decided to add the stand and set it up like a museum. This model is rendered in Mental Ray. I will post the high res sculpt if you like…

Stay tuned



Very cool dinosaur!:slight_smile:

Thanks man…this was supposed to be a speed sculpt but it became a project… by tonight, i should have this done :slight_smile: and set up like a museum

Nicely done!

Good evening from boston, and I have yet another update for you involving this model…i think i am ready to call it done, but i want to get some feedback before I do…

Kind of struggling a little with the camera angles, but I want to make this more in your face and scary…going to try a few angles to see what i like…

I still want to change the light so it is a bit more dramatic…

rendered in mental ray…

[](http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/faq.php?faq=vb_read_and_post#faq_zbc_display_images)<iframe id=“qtlframe” src="" style=“display: none; border: 1px solid rgb(236, 236, 236); background-color: white;”>Lower Angle.jpgCobrasaurus-render-1.jpgfront angle.jpg



very nice finish :slight_smile: