THE RiSiNG (eva 01 head)

Here’s my new project, as said in the thread name: the Eva 01 Helmet.
I’ve always loved the fabulous design of those robots, so this is gonna be my tribute.
Free interpretation.

Here’s the first step: inner jaw’s teeth.

Base mesh done in max, detailed job and rendering in zbrush.

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Looking good so far.

I have question, did you model all details individualy in the one object or did you use symmetry to do the details ?

I sculpted one teeth entirely, then duplicated it with subtool master and transpose.
The text is done in final.

This should be good!
…looking good so far.

I wanted to say good job, but then i noticed its you, so i think you already know your good ;f
Anyway you gonna do the head only ? Would be interesting to see your take on the full eva ;]

this sure is one of those threds you just can’t miss. love your “little” projects.
can’t wait for next update.


looking forward to seeing this develop!

looks brilliant so far, iv tried to model this in 3DS Max a few times but my skills just wernt enough.

cant wait to see it finished

this is a great start and I also looking forward to seeing the progress.

I also feel some nice hard surface information can be gathered from your work.

Great start Sebcesoir :+1:

will keep my eyes on this one! really nice start!

I’m also a big fan of Evangelion, my first complete 3D caracter was Rei a long time ago :slight_smile: I’m waiting for your progress Seb !

Je sens que ça va bien taper, vivement la suite !

waiting to be blown away by this, great to see some new work from you.

Wow that’s already looking slick! People who think Zbrush is just for organic modeling need to see more of your work! I hope you have a lot of free time on your hands so we can get more updates from you.

looking very promisingg as always!! i cant wait to see your updates on this model! very very cool choice of subject and the model at the current stage looks sooooo cleann and preciseeeee! great work sir!



Thank you for them comment!
Hey Totyo :wink:

Here’s an update of the lower outer jaw, and a quick Transpose master to have an idea of the look once open:


And the base mesh:

whooo!!! niceee updateee sirr!!
more more moreee!!

You are a true “Hardsurface Master”!:smiley:
It looks awesome, watched evangelion and it was fun.


Sebastien your work is always so amazing!!!

How do you get this effect?

Really looking forward to seeing the finished model :slight_smile:

Using the same technic I used for my environment sculpting, I projected a mesh (cone shape) inside the teeh, using projection master.
You can get a similar result with a custom alpha too.

I like Evangelion…:smiley:
I love Ayanami Rei…:laughing:

Very well done sir… I love the detail you’ve put into it… :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
I’ll definitely subscribe this thread…
I think there is a guy at zbc doing Eva01 as well…
Can’t wait to see both of u finished…