THE RiSiNG (eva 01 head)

Hi Sébastien, I see that you have a tri in the basemesh, would you share your opinion about tri’s?

I for one feel that a certain amount of tri’s are acceptable, seeing as they will be subdivided into quads anyway.

a zb master doing eva01…:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

Perhaps it’s the MatCap, but the kind of inserts (emboss ?) seems to be very deep and too visible, no?)

(sorry, I do it in french too: j’ai l’impression que les renfoncements au niveaux des séparations font très marquée. Ca donne l’impression d’un bump affiché à 200%. Je pense que ça vient plutôt de la MatCap utilisée, mais je ne vois que ça :slight_smile: Et puis faut bien trouver un truc a critiquer pour l’instant ! la suite !)

Fantastic start! Can´t wait how it´s coming all together.

hate it when you people make stuff look so easy :smiley:

Projection Master Works Great for this !!! thanks!!!

Hi Sebcesoir! This sculpt is gonna’ be awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to post the WIP shots and explanations! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: !

Wow Seb! This is looking GREAT so far!
I’ve been playing with the idea of modeling an EVA for the longest time now, but always kept putting it aside…
Your work is definitely inspiring!!
Keep posting! :wink:

Totyo, j’ai mis un coup de sharpend ca doit pas aider au coté noisy :wink:

Jaysten, as you can see I try to avoid tris as much as possible, because it often makes some artefacts. But sometime you dont really have choice, and in that case, I made quick testes to see if there was no problem with them…
The fact the the model is highly engraved helps to maskes astrefacts too…
Here’s the final version of the jaw.

There’s gonna be a piece below linking to the jaw and the throat, and certainly cables too…


love the level of detail, this will be so awesome!
high quality stuff, feels like those five star stories model kits,

keep up the fantastic work, looking forward to this

Amazing work, I love these clean shapes and the mechanical details
Looking for an update :+1:

Thx for the refs Omnilight, thats gonna be usefull to help me in the detailing…

Here’s the eyes mask:

And the base mesh used to sculpt it:

look’s nice

Subscribed !

hi Sebcesoir, It’s great to see a new wip from you , looking great so far :slight_smile:

I 'm just wondering somth tho, are you detailing on the fly piece by piece or did you already conceptualized the model ?

really strong sculpting. i don’t really want to criticize you because its really impressive work but i think some edges could be a little bit sharper. but as i said it looks really great for so far. :wink:

wow, great work. Can you share how you get such good hard edges, poly count you are at when doing them/subdivision, what tools. Thanks. I cannot wait to see more work.

the evas were origionally organic and wore a kind of armour, will you be having it like that or are you basically making a mech version?

Here’s one more step.
I dont know yest about the inside of the helmet…


Superb Work Seb !

(trés trés impressionant comme d’habitude, hate de voir la suite ^^ ).