The RELAY challenge!


You can either post your file in this thread, or use this link.You can DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD the file HERE.

So I’ll start.
File downloaded.

Dec. 15. @11:00 Eastern Standard Time.

Sans titre 2.jpg
(I didn’t put any time into it. This is just to show the procedure.)

… and this is the transformed file the next user will download.
Have fun!!!

OK this is fun. File downloaded 17:17 GMT.

The story so far:

I picked it up :sunglasses:

There we go! Ha, I wonder what IT will become…


Good work. :slight_smile: I foresee a small problem… the file may soon be too big to post. :frowning:

was thinking the same thing myself…wish I had time to pick up the ball but gotta go to work now.

I suppose if it gets too big someone could retopo it in Silo or the like.

was also thinking…so that more could participate that whoever picks it up also should create a starter themselves…that way more folks could pick up the ball and run with it…so you would have to say when you are picking it up and what particular file you are picking up kind of thing.

Just pick it up, and email it to lemonnado AT gmail.com
I’ll host it as FTp on my server and play the relay relay. No Problem. That should do up to 5 MB… And then we find some other solution… If necessary.


Thanks Lemo! But here, I’m hosting it on my server -
and there’s an upload/ download manager.
Check it out.

You can DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD the file HERE. (please post this link in your post)


I´m gonna pick it up now :slight_smile:
11:38 pm GMT +1


ok, i uploaded it again
You can DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD the file HERE.

it looks like that now:
i didnt change polycount, but i switched off quickview for rendering and used mtb`s great mat
hope you like it!


Wow! Great twist in the story!
Love the work you did on the legs/ and underneath!

…of revival of an old surealist game “le cadavre exquis” :smiley:
But here next gamer can see the previous art :slight_smile:

Very nice! This is a fun community project!
Great enhancement.

This looks like fun. Ok I’ll give it a shot and see how much I can bastardize this excellent model hehe, jk

Hopefully it wont look too bad.

Downloaded thursday 10:00 pm GMT -06.00

Well that was fun.

Now it’s a festive tribal hat ROFL!!!

I used a head I did a long time ago, but never finished. Have fun.

I’ve just uploaded it again as "relayfile2.zip

very cool
Traveling from Germany to Florida, our model found a head!:cool:
Download/Upload the file HERE.