The Raft of the Medusa “ Théodore Géricault “

Hi guys ,This is an other project in my own method of the ZBrush that I want to release as my first work in 2019. The Raft of the Medusa painting by Théodore Géricault ,took three months with 334859805 polygons & 357 subtools. Fortunately, I didn’t face any major problem during this project by using Zbrush, unless when I reached more than 300 million polygon the computer reached it’s maximum capacity which with my experience of finishing previous projects, I could manage to finish this project right on my schedule ,and rendered with Keyshot . I hope you guys enjoy this work.







Amazing stuff man!

so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

I can’t imagine how it is to work on such computer that allows you this many points but it must be as nice as this sculpt :smiley:

Thanks a lot Vahid

Thanks guys


Amazing work. Thank you for showing it. :smiley:

I appreciate

Great work:+1:
Man tell me your machine configuration:roll_eyes:

mind blown!

May I ask you how you approach such a massive project?

Wow great job! such a legendary painting turned onto a 3d masterpiece!

Somebody help pick my jaw off the floor! This piece is wonderful beyond description. May I ask how long this labor of love took you to complete? Nevermind, I see three months! My god.

Wow, Great work. I always loved that painting.

Thanks everyone for your comment!appreciated.

First off let me say amazing, a real acheivement, well done and unbelievable that you didn’t hit any problems along the way. I will say however that I think it’s a little wierd that you have censored the original painting and covered up the dead mans ***** with a rag and everyone looks super musclular and strong, unlike the painting where sailors have been adrift for 2 weeks without food or water. These tragic events shouldn’t be sugar coated, they should be recreated with honesty and courage, however stylised the imagining. Criticism asideI still think you did a great job.

Thanks for your comment daytona ,I agree, but I spent 150 hours on this project ,of course spending more time make it perfect. and about covering up the dead mans with a rag,I can take it off.

Simply astonishing.
Most of us here have no idea what it would feel like to look at something like this and be able to say “I made this!”

We gotta keep on pushing!

Congratulations on the Top Row, where this certainly belongs!