The Raft of the Medusa “ Théodore Géricault “

I appreciate your kind words senior markkens,Thanks


…impressive adaptation 3D of this French 2D painting! ;

Thanks, small gift to French people and France;)

This is extremely EPIC!

Very Awesome work… I am speechless… This is exactly what I love to see and to create… Amazing, Amazing and Amazing… I voted for your great work to at least show my thanks to you for what you have done…

Truely amazing!

When I first saw this painting I really wanted to create it in ZBrush.
However, you have done a MUCH better job than I ever could!


you can sell the file in stl, sorry for the question, this your work raft of the médusa and fantastic.

Hi sorry I’m not sure I sent you the first message, I just wanted to know if it is possible to buy the raft the of meduse stl file.

thank you

Greatest work ever :slight_smile:


WHAT THE F#@k !!!

Amazing Stuff…Very Nice :+1:

Wao… nice composition

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this is a new artwork in modern time its soooooo awesome realy…congrats… :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Hey there - that is a very good job my man but I got to ask, how many wives have you divorced during the making because they never got to see you come out of your computer studio? Do you still know what your kids look like?