The Raft of the Medusa “ Théodore Géricault “

I appreciate your kind words senior markkens,Thanks


…impressive adaptation 3D of this French 2D painting! ;

Thanks, small gift to French people and France;)

This is extremely EPIC!

Very Awesome work… I am speechless… This is exactly what I love to see and to create… Amazing, Amazing and Amazing… I voted for your great work to at least show my thanks to you for what you have done…

Truely amazing!

When I first saw this painting I really wanted to create it in ZBrush.
However, you have done a MUCH better job than I ever could!


you can sell the file in stl, sorry for the question, this your work raft of the médusa and fantastic.

Hi sorry I’m not sure I sent you the first message, I just wanted to know if it is possible to buy the raft the of meduse stl file.

thank you

Greatest work ever :slight_smile:

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