The Official Almost Monday NC 2/3 -2/23


Ok once again I am stealing cool stuff from MTB. (This is last minute and looks like crap but will fix it tomorrow!:roll_eyes: )

Anyway if anyone is still interested…

For this challenge…

First rule is… read this about challenges.

For this challenge You must create a character or scene from you favorite book.

It can be 2D, 2.5d, or 3d, a character or a scene. It would be best that you don’t give us the book name or character and let us guess whom or the title of the book by your work…kind of like a 3d Charades!

Now to steal from MTB:

:small_orange_diamond:Wireframes, progression Modeling, and/or screenshots of your progress. This helps others to see workflow. Models, ZScripts, and other support materials are always welcome.

:small_orange_diamond:You MAY use a base mesh from another program but as always the preferred method is all Zbrush. If you do use a base mesh from another program please post the wireframe so we can see it.

:small_orange_diamond:Nobody is too good or not good enough. This is open to everyone. THIS INCLUDES ALL YOU LURKERS OUT THERE…POST SOMETHING!

Providing support material, by all means is a good thing…if you learned something cool…share it! , upload zscripts, materials lighting setups or whatever you feel will help others. It’s not a requirement…just a way to say thanks to those who have gone before us and provided us with the means to be where we are…pay it forward as the movie says.

This mission, should you choose to accept it is for fun and bragging rights only, ZBC and Pixologic have nothing to do with it other than allowing us to have fun with their fantastic program, no prizes other than the pride and kudos you get from creating something cool.
If participation is nil, this will mean that Andreseloy will be the next MNC host!!! hahahaa As he has way more enthusiasm than me!

Oh yeah…for Jason Belec…I better see you at Cowboy Fengs since ya made me read the book!!!

Edit…the end date will probably change as once again I didn’t have a calendar in front of me.


Great challenge aminuts! :+1: All I need is some time… :smiley:

Great Idea! I plan on joining :slight_smile:

Cool Japozi…welcome aboard to zbrush!

Marcus…I hope you find the time…even if it’s a wee bit.

Andre…I hope for your sake this one moves forward ahhaahaha!!

Aminuts…get your arse in gear and post something eh!

i will try to make something.







Cool creature you got there Twiggy…now you have to learn how to detail this guy up!! You can do it! Take your time as the challenge is for a little over two weeks!

Quick 30 min sketch, pure zsketch/brush. Shouldn’t be too hard to guess :wink: It’s from a series thats quite well known and thats all I’m going to say. Btw looking good Twiggy!




I made a new Smaoug. and i cudn’t texture it but he has a golden vest with jewels on it. Smaoug2.jpg

Anatomy wise all 4 legged + winged creatures would have to be a bit odd. They would basically need two sets of shoulder-blades.

In this guy’s case though it seems a bit more out there because his second pair of should blades would have to sit above his pelvis.

Nevertheless, it looks like a fun model.

thats one fun challenge! love the results! heres a quick and dirty one just to keep things going:


not really my favorite book, but then i couldnt decide which IS my favorite book. so i chose the book i enjoyed the most reading those last few months.

“techniques” used: sky: decobrush in spraystroke on filled layer. sea: a 3dsphere with some offsets rendered with gel-material on layer of its own, un-3d-ed later on with the smudgetool. boat/tiger: quick and dirty flat material drawing onto reimported .psd of layers 1+2. additional goofing up with careless handling of the render/colour adjustments :slight_smile: framing done with graphic converter.

  • juandel



Very cool Juandel!!

Love that water, thanks for sharing how ya did the sky…gonna have to try it out.

hahaha don’t have a clue what the book is but am sure someone will:D

I was starting a 3d version but I think you have inspired me to try out a 2d/2.5d version…been a very long time since playing with that great part of zbrush.


fantastico and wild one, _dado!!!

fear and loathing i assume :smiley: that adrenaline chapter is forever sticking to my brain (at least until stroke numero uno :wink: cause it made me grind my teeth upon reading 1st time, though being reallyreally sober).

  • juandel

jaundel: Life of Pi :+1: :+1: :+1:

Excellent Dado!!

Keep em coming guys!!! and gals!!!:smiley:

two glasses of ice water with ice

What a great idea! Thanks aminuts for the great challenge :smiley:

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