The New Texture Library -- In the Download Center


One of the great things about ZBrushCentral is the incredible sense of community that we have. Not only are people happy to answer questions and help out newcomers, but many of you have gone above and beyond by providing free resources. In fact, so much free stuff has been given out that most of it is unknown -- buried deep within the forum archives. To remedy that, we have spent the last few months scanning through old posts to find the best of the best, gathering everything in one place and organizing the content for easy accessibility. Our first content compilation, the [MatCap Library](http://www.pixologic.com/zbrush/downloadcenter/library/) was a resounding success with literally hundreds of materials to choose from. But we didn't stop there! Last week, we added the [Alpha Library](http://www.pixologic.com/zbrush/downloadcenter/alpha/), with the same format and a ton of grayscale images for use in your brushes, masks, etc.

Now we’re at it again, and this week it is our pleasure to introduce the next major addition to the Download Center:

the [Texture Library](http://www.pixologic.com/zbrush/downloadcenter/texture/)

This newest library provides an easy to use browser broken down into 21 unique categories, from the natural to the industrial. Choose a category of interest, select a thumbnail from within that category, and view a larger version. If you like it, simply click the Download link beneath the viewer and it’s ready for you to use in your projects. Be sure to thank our many contributors!

[attach=135181]Library View[/attach]

Click Here to Visit the Library

While you're there, be sure to also visit the other sections for MatCaps, Alphas, Plugins, and Documentation. Come back often! We will be constantly adding new content to all the libraries. Happy ZBrushing! [attach=135182]Icon.jpg[/attach]





Matcap… Then alpha… And now texture library!!! :smiley:
So good! Thanks a lot!:+1:

Looks good, I really wasn’t expecting this addition.

Wow, you guys have been busy for certain…thank you for such cool addition! :+1: :+1:

Well done Aurick! Defiantly a valuable resource for the community!

Just One question: - Will the ZLIST PLUGIN ever be updated for ZBrush 3?? I really miss that plugin where you could store all your materials, textures, alphas and tools all in one cataloged library!!

Upham :slight_smile:

What’s next? A ZB update?
Put your energy in things we are waiting for :evil:

Im with Baz…and many of us are…

Why promise an update for the last quarter of last year then tell us nothing when it doesnt materialise.

Let us explain:

Common guys…
Did you seriously expect, they would actually deliver?
They never managed to be on deadline and the fact that this time they were so vague means they will probably deliver december 09 or january 2010.

Please give all your power to finish ZB 3.5 or 4 :wink: or the missing Mac plugins.

A new texture source is ok but the web is full of that kind of things.

DAMN, this is NICE!!! thank you pixo!!!

and i don’t think, an update is so important. zbrush 3.1 is nearly perfect.

ahy, ****in deadlines. they will make 3.5 an free update, so be patient!!!

Excellent Aurick. Along with the gallery Alphas and Materials is what we needed.
Thank you very much.

I think that I am a patient person. I just dont think its very proffesional to announce something will happen at a given time and then simply ignore the fact that it was ever said.

Some information would be cool…an update on the update maybe???

dont try e mailing pix about this…they just ignore the e mail

Check out the Alphas and Textures Loader. It’s on the Plugins tab of the Download Center.

Regarding the other comment some of you have made: The Pixologic staff is more than just programmers. We have a team devoted to working on the update for Mac users and the next version for everyone. But we also have people on the administrative side of things, who work hard to promote ZBrush and bring you great resources like the Download Center, ZClassroom, and even ZBrushCentral. These things take no time whatsoever away from development.

Man, I hate it when people complain about stuff like this…never content with what you have. I guess that’s just the way of the world these days…

kudos to pixologic for their product as well as taking crap like this on the chin and keeping motivation… :+1: :+1:

This is fantastic-- exactly what I need for a current project. Keep up the great work, it’s much appreciated.

wonderful!!..now your deleting less than complimentary posts…

Tells me so much!

OK, something positive.
Thanks, we were waiting a long time for this and we are happy to make use of those free textures. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

this is fantastic…although, figured I should let you know, the bark, brick, and ground categories all have the description for the car parts category.