The monsters and aliens of josh crockett


You can check out my demo videos on Vimeo to get an idea of my process.


If you have a specific question you want answered I’d be happy to answer it :smiley:

Oh thanks for the link man! I’ll check those videos out here soon.

After thinking about it I’ve sort of answered a couple of my own questions.

I need to just keep investing time practicing my sculpting and more importantly I need to really lock down on some anatomy study.
The more I do those things the more I see my work improve so I’ll just keep at it.

I guess I should ask, how do you get better at forming these ideas? Its the creative design part that I cant seem to improve at, or I dont know what to do to build those skills.
How do you find inspiration? What do you do when you sit down to crank out a new design?

Sorry if those are vague or loaded questions, but I find myself just spinning my wheels in ZB for hours sometimes trying to get something even remotely original, or at least cool to look at lol.

Ha, guess I should have watched the videos first. I’m watching the first one right now and its already addressing some of my questions.


Sorry for the delayed response. A lot of my inspiration comes from the guys that are already doing it, and doing it well. Mainly the Hollywood sculptors. The guys in Hollywood that are using Zbrush that I follow are Scott Spencer, Scott Patton, Neville Page… etc.

Good luck with the videos. I hope they’re helpful!

:+1: Josh

I guess the main thing is that I follow the artists that I admire. Jordu Schell is a really great influence. When I first started, I just tried to mimic those guys and what they were doing. After a while, I just started to learn forms and techniques and try to combine different stuff that I like from different sculpts. Eventually, I come up with something that I like.

I hope that helps!


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A turntable I did last year. Crappy video of it, and too bad I didn’t back this character up on my hard drive, but I thought it was pretty cool. This was my second full body character.</object>

Hey thanks again man, you definitely did help me out. And you introduced me to some awesome artists I didnt know about.

Love the turntable monster as well! :+1:

A couple more versions of this guy

blind demon color test.jpgblind demon pose sheet.jpgbling demon wip progress.jpgblind-demon-comp-web.jpg

My latest concept the Blind Demon

blind demon side view.jpg

One more for the heck of it

Great texturing!!! and an awesome Pose!!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thanks Jonny :smiley:

Another shot of this guy. Different color scheme.

Character Strip

Added some horns

If this were a childrens book you would seriously scare some kids, I really like the post-work. Are these pictures from throughout the
year and a half you learned it? There are several so i am just curious how long they all took,


Nice concept monster…

Really cool monsters portraits…i love them

Thanks for all the comments I missed. Haven’t been here in a while but here’s something I threw together in a few hours based on one of Jordu Schell’s masks.