The monsters and aliens of josh crockett

I’ve been using Zbrush for about a year and a half. I thought I’d post some work here.



alien-torso- basic spec highlights.jpg


cartoon base.jpg








smiley-2-web.jpgA few more

Awesome stuff Josh!:):+1:

And a few more…

fuller four teeth.jpggiant-close-up3.jpg

jon-fuller-render.jpgjordu-alien-web.jpgLUMPY2.jpgmonster 3.jpgzombie-kid-2.jpg



hey man really great stuff. Its good to see a fellow monster enthusiast. I Love the colorful renders and skin detail. Keep up the good work

Cool monsters!:+1:
But don’t forget to mention the inspirations and tutorials you have used for some of them :wink:

Awesome, and thanks for posting the photoshop comping vid, I’m about a month into zbrush as a hobby, and your video completely changed my renders, Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot guys :smiley:

Santis: Scott Patton, Scott Spencer, Jordu Schell

Beall: Glad to hear I helped someone with my amateur knowledge… :wink:

trihead-posterized-web.jpgwax alien.jpggrim mountain.jpgangler 3=4.jpgcomp-alien-demo-web.jpg Here’s a few more

deomon-final-web.jpgOne more today before I go back to the slave job for 3 days
Thanks for the views everyone

That’s some awesome models, good job. :+1:

Just listing random names isn’t exactly a nice way of crediting people. You have a lot of nice work, but I have no idea what is yours and what isn’t yours. I instantly recognized the really big full body troll guy from a tutorial video, the rest I’m not sure of. If you’re going to be posting work that wasn’t concepted by yourself, or was taken from a tutorial, you really should be crediting them for it.

polaroid29: All the credits are on my website. I didn’t think it mattered all that much here. Tons of great artists get overlooked here. Myself included. Most of the work here is mine.

The big bodied dude you referred to in Scott Patton’s Gnomon DVD. Anyone using Zbrush would recognize it I would think…?? If you want specifics, check out my website.


Wasn’t happy with the last render of this guy. A little more satisfied with this.

Not trying to discredit you or anything like that, but just because “tons of great artists get overlooked” doesn’t mean it’s okay to contribute to the problem further. It’s pretty simple, if you are uses a concept or tutorial from a different artist, you should tell people that when you are presenting them. If nobody asked, it would be assumed that all of these concepts are yours.

Any, done derailing your thread, I just think too many artists are not getting credit for their hard work and brilliance these days.

Chupacabra based on concept of Andrew Minniear

Yeah, I guess you’re right. Honestly, I posted that earlier stuff sometime last year and got like one reply so I figured the thread would never be seen. Otherwise, I would’ve posted credits. It’s kind of a pain in the ass to go back a give a description of each and credit each one that needs it. I think the main way to differentiate between them is that the ones that have my name on them are mine. But some of them that are mine don’t have my name on them. The cartoony face towards the top of the thread is mine and all the Grey alien concepts are mine too. Anyway, if anyone wants to know just ask me. I’m not trying to take credit for other people’s stuff.

Awesome images man! I hope I can get this good eventually. I’m all ears if you have any advice.