The Goddess Sovanna

Love the details and the face is so believable! Coolness!!

Quite possibly the best 3D model I’ve ever seen. Nice work!

Congratulations Julie!!!

Stars all over you!!! very imaginative and amazing, you are such a talented person, Im soooo happy for you, no words, is really great.
you’ve acomplished tons, and deserve tons more.
keep up the amazing work julie!


What everyone else said applies - 5 Stars here and the “Top Row” was deserved. :+1: :+1:

you made my day guys, so thank you to everyone for all the sweet comments :slight_smile: Thanks for the support and stars as well!!
I’m so glad you like her

I’m currently studying at Vancouver Film School in their 3D Animation and Visual Effects program.

I created the base of the hair in XSI, but painted over it in Photoshop.

great critiques! i love the gradient idea; I think I should’ve made more of a transition to the light. I will definitely be fixing the hair since it’s not looking quite the way I want it to in the model rotations… more xsi hair indeed!

Frenchy Pilou
I rendered the face at 1080 pixels by 996 pixels,
and rendered the full body shot in different passes at 2400 pixels by 1800 pixels.

originally she was going to have two different color eyes, but when I tested it on the 3d model I didn’t like it at all, so I decided to drop that idea.
I worked on modeling her for about 4- 5 weeks, focusing a lot on the face. Texturing took about 3 solid weeks, the hair took a little more than a week, and the lighting took almost 1 week. I’ve been comping and touching up both images for about a month while working on my next model.

Jason Belec
I agree, but with this model I just got really caught up with poly modeling everything, and helping myself learn more about topology. Besides, zbrush was a life saver when it came to creating my texture maps!

hehehehe, well the demon isn’t finished yet!! …the anatomy is taking me a while

thank you for the critiques! I will definitely keep it in mind for my next models :slight_smile:

don’t have anything for the demon just yet, but I do have a picture of the beast. The beast was my first model, and was finished quite a while ago so I wish I could’ve re-did him. I am changing the environment though, and creating a darker scene with the demon.

Here’s the links:

Sovanna’s Captured Beast~ 3D still

Sovanna’s Captured Beast~ WIRES

thanks Alvaro, what can I say, I learned a lot from you and you’re a huge source of inspiration~ so thank you!

Thanks again to everyone else who commented~

Wooooo. That beast is looking sweeet! haha. Reminds me of a final fantasy creature. Just the look and feel about things. Very pretty stuff. Thanks for replying to my questions.


You did a fantastic work Juliana, very inspiring for all of us:D
I am really anxious about the beastie!

One of the best cg images I have ever seen. When I first looked at the face I thought this is great work but when I scrolled down to the wings I was taken back with the excellent work. They must be teaching great things at your school. All the best :wink:

This is a beautiful model! I only have one tiny bit of advice: fix the nose. The nose seems too perfect. A little imperfection/variation will give it that extra realistic touch. Her overall design is gorgeous.

Hey! Do you know that you can make designs using fonts? With some cutting, copying and deforming, you can get make some surprising designs. It’s also a good practice if you wanna work faster on your ornamental design work.

The only reason I bring this up is because I currently experimenting with ornamental vector art and your picture prompted me somehow.

Well done.

Revanto :stuck_out_tongue:

If I may ask, how long did it take you to make this model?

To Revanto: She’s a goddess. One trait of deities is that they are perfect.

Terrific work! I would really like to see more images from your set.

Very inspiring!!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

this has taught me so much, its given a real insight into perfect planning… you have great artistic ability and as i said a masterful grace that is inspiring, when i find out how to rate i will give this a five and it deserves a 6 because its so good =) !

This is very impressive! I totally love the beast so much. Definitely cannot wait to see the finished piece. I can totally imagine both characters in one universe. Great job! I love the color and the mood you have for the female model. I do think something is a little weird about the pose of the female model. The model itself, textures, everything else is fantastic.


Wow, amazing. Reminds me of pixelview/gigabyte’s Nvidia boxart. Only WAAAAY cooler than that.
Amazing, in one day it’s on pixologic.com’s front page. Most definitely on the top 10 best art in this forum.

VFS is lucky to have you! You’ll be it’s poster person in no time.
Your work is simply stunning. The creature is a wonderful combination of so many things. Please keep this thread updated with the final product/Render.
When you are done.

Great Stuff… Very Inspirational… My best wishes with ya.

Wow Impressive work, amazing!!!:wink:

I’m really impressed with how you handled the crit! When you finished at VFS you might want to start up an anatomy thread at cgtalk. Keep your skills up when your done. Hopefully you won’t have any trouble getting a job, since you seem to be flexible with crits (I critiqued your last monster too) and your work is stunning. I wish I could give half stars, since I’m debating between 4 and 5 stars. Its so well done, yet there are mistakes (like the perfect skinand ears) and the idea isn’t entirely original. Yet the image has a real impact and seems like it should be in 3d world magazine or a cover art for 3d graphics. I may change my mind if you manage to get the eyes more lifelike, not postive. Can’t be too easy on you :stuck_out_tongue: .

By perfect skin I mean that there is no imperfections in the skin, and the color is pretty uniform. And the nostril wings seem to be hinted at but not quite there. I think deeper there might work, not positive.


Isn’t it neat that so many talented people come to this forum, yourself included? Your entry here is stunning! I may have missed it, but what was your favorite part of this work, concept, modeling, texturing, painting? What are your hopes for your 3D future?