The Goddess Sovanna

The Goddess Sovanna is the second character I designed for my demo reel. She’s part of a scene with two other characters, where she’s the heroine trying to save her captured beast.
The villain is a demon-like snake guard who is holding the beast hostage, waiting for the opportunity to destroy Sovanna.
She was modeled in XSI, textured in ZBrush/ Photoshop, and rendered with mental ray.
crits and comments most welcome!

3D Model:


Concept art & sculpture used for pre-visualization:

Links to HIgh-Res images:

Concept art





I love the realism in this and great job sticking to the concept thank you for contributing this to the z community!!

I love all the work. Its hot!

You study fine arts or 3d in vancouver? if yes, where?

Whoa!! That was my first and completely uncontrolled response to your images! Absolutely breathtaking! Did you do the hair in XSI? Looks amazing! What else is there to say, but to urge you to keep posting!

i m completly speechless:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:
just amazing,

This is really amazing. I really like the second image too, she really looks like a goddess there. Some crits would be, that the eyes look painted and could have more depth to them (especially in the iris area) and the hair up close needs work. The hair seems to be made of flat polys gons and could use some more depth to it for the up close strands. Maybe a more layers or more XSI hair there. The blown out light may be a bit to severe and can be made more realistic with a slight gradiation in the blown out area. And slightly less intense, but not to much, it seems to be a light source, which is really interesting. I haven’t seen to many pieces with light sources in them, especially back lighting.

Very beautyfull :+1:

judging from all the jewels on her face she’s a golddigga…

j/k, what you did is really beautiful eye candy, great job


Julianna K. this is a fine example why I really enjoy coming to this zbrushcentral. So many talented artists who share truly inspirational art. Nice fantasy look to your character… almost has a manga-ish tinge to it I really enjoy it. The detailing of the wings and the clothes/accesories is top notch. Just a thought as I was looking at your very well done piece is maybe when you render it useing like the depth cue option like they have in zbrush to push the wings and folds of her dress back a little while enchancing her image a lil more in the foreground. So many talented people here, keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing lots more!

wow, that’s amazing

mind-blowing. nuff said

Very impressive! I have to agree with the crit on the eyes and hair, but other than that, this is one of the most perfect images I’ve seen on this forum.

Stupendous :slight_smile:

Thats a baddas detailed mesh you have here!

…indeed ! :wink: :+1:
Tremonduous cheerleader! :smiley:
Have happy Zbrushing! :sunglasses:

Ps What is the size of the entiere final rendering?

I find no words.

Made me day!Thanks for posting this,I wont go on about how good you are etc etc lol.Really the image speaks for itself!Compliments:-)cal

YAHOO!, Hot dawg… that’s nice!
Top row please.
Cesar Dacol Jr.
Aka, The Voodoo Monkey

very impressed. congratualtions!