the club: Lion statue

Hello everyone…now that the game i was working on has been anounced and showcased, i thought i’d post a work sample i’ve done for the environment last year…
It has been made in zbrush 2, using seperate ztools (the basemesh was made in zmaya7…texturing in photoshop…
i used Zbrush 3 to get the ztool together and used it for the render
hope you like it
C&C welcome as usual

:large_orange_diamond: Better jpg quality image in here :large_orange_diamond:!<!–attachment-8.jpg|200x150



Nice and neat, as always. Good stuff, mate!! :+1:

Excellent! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

simply perfect!
so this was made for a game ?
could you show the low poly version ?

Simply wonderful stone lion :slight_smile: :+1: :+1:

great jpb! I like the last two images with the weathered look. Excellent job.

It’s very good job you’ve done here! Really impressive! :+1:

Stunning! Even the cracks in the stone are totally convincing. Rendered in ZB3 you say? Wow.

Top row. :+1:

the ones with texture are very nice. :slight_smile:

Brilliant !!!

willbrown1: thanx
wammerl: thank you very much! concerning the game model, i’ll see if it’s possible :wink:
SolidSnakexxx: tx man
Bryan Silva: tx…Those matcap in zbrush are fantastic…i used the matcap white1 and the render was spot on without having to do anymore work on it :slight_smile:
Moochie: tx!
iatriki: thanx! those are the high rez version of the textured used in-game…
handlebar: glad you like it :slight_smile:

Again, thanx everyone, very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Beautifull stylish lion, and such convincing texture! :+1:

Very nice work, great attention to detail while keeping the style. :wink:

This is to much for me.
How did you manage those incredible texturing?
Did you use the Zbrush UVs or an other package for the UVlayout?

Yours Hilmar

Dude thats super!

He’s beautiful. Very nice job sir.

just beautiful. the modeling and texturing are both top notch.

very smart modeling…and the texture looks exactly like weathered stone :+1:


That’s fantastic. I love everything about it. Really nice work.

Whoooaaa,thats super!!!new to this site,so here’s hoping for a Mac version of Zbrush 3