The baron

hello everybody,

this is what i m working on right now,
its based on keith thompsons concept, I love his work.

i use dynamesh, retopologise and add details.

hope you like it



very nice start…!!!


Thomson’s work is simply awesome… and you seem to be on a very good way to make something quite nice out of it. Keep it up !


thank you for your kind comments

Unfortunately i ve been very busy last week and i didnt have the time to do much work :confused:

so here s an update with what i ve done so far

hey there

another update :smiley:

A very cool design! evocative of baroque armor yet steampunk at the same time.

Feels really good to hear that because its exactly what i was going for

Thank you

What a amazing work !

Very clever. Like a culture in the future being inspired by going to the armor museum!
Now they just need some steampunk breathing apparatus within. Loved your execution.

Still looking very nice ! Cant wait for whats left… :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work… this is going to be a very impressive sculpt for sure…


Digging the armor!
Where did you got those intricate stencils?

Can’t wait to see it finished!

Thank you all.

Stefano i m one of your biggest fans. I always follow what you do and read about your methods.

So when i saw you replied, i jumped from my chair!

I have a very big colection of alphas with baroque designs, i ve been collecting them for the last two years and i use them all the time.

Whenever possible, i will decorate the s**t ouf of everything.

i ve found in old booksand retouched them, some i ve made myself, some i ve just found online.
Most of them ate pretty simple though i just combine them to get a result.

Bravo Spiridona
Very nice start, interesting thread! Staying tuned.

BTW, have you tried the new tools as demonstrated on these excellent video tuts?

Reminds me of something Captain Nemo would have worn in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Spyridon, thank you for your kind words!

The design of your model reminds me a lot “A gentlemen’s duel”, the short movie made by Blur Studio…
Have you seen it?

mihali thank you my friend. I tried the retopologizing tools but i wasnt very confident with it so i did it the old fashion way. i really wanna make some chains though i see everyone making gazillions of chains.

stefano i hadnt seen it but now i have. I see the resemblance too. The concept artist is really inspired by steampunk stuff so i guess it kinda makes sense. bottom line anything related to blur, I ll take as a compliment!

and now shoes!!!

loving the style,

its looking great, love the knee guards, keep it up

Shiny ,Where’s my shades :smiley:
Killer work.

how do you get inside that thing? you should consider that.

hello max,

if your comment is personal, i know i wouldnt try to get inside cause i wear xxl, i m trying to lose some weight but its hard you know.

now if you mean how do people in general get inside, well they dont. just follow the link i ve posted in the begining, to keith thompsons concept:

“… (The baron) began refusing to be seen outside of his armour, and a horrific stench emanated from both his person and quarters. He had his smithy refashion and modify his armour in seemingly illogical ways which should have rendered it unwearable by a normal person.”