The Art of Ang

Hi Guys, how are you all ? I’ve posted before here, but i forgot my password, so this would be my new account. This would be my thread for my artworks done in zbrush and photoshop. My works are inspired from all the great artist here in ZBC and I would like to thanks the Pixologic team for creating such a great sculpting software. Keep it up guys!!!

ANMA_portrait peter ang.jpg

ZBrush Document.jpg
mr twidledam_peter anga.jpg
mr twidledam_cgtalk peter.jpg

frolipo 3_peter.jpg

Welcome to ZbrushCentral:)
Cool start on here, you have a nice stylized artwork!
Definently keep it going and have fun zbrushing!

  • KC:)

KC-- thanks a lot :slight_smile: ill update soon…

Meet Moris, friend of Sharlon and Frolipo Done in Zbrush using Bpr and photoshop for compositing the passes.:wink: :slight_smile:
moris 1_peter ang.jpg
moris 2_peter ang 2.jpg

I like it! Cute.

tobbeo thanks man ^^ next ill be doing this guy ^^


Nice! Cute design, looking forward to seeing how he turns out!

haha this is just too cute :smiley: that little bird creature makes me laugh pretty hard:+1:
It is simple but the idea and the great expression in his face are just great!:+1:composite is looking nice aswell!
Definantly keep it going and have fun sculpting!

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

pretty nice work

Thanks man glad you like it :slight_smile:

odel-- thanks man

Hi guys, just want to share my entry from the Nox competition that got 3rd place ^_^, couldn’t have done it without Zbrush., base mesh was done in 3dsmax, sculpted, painted and unwrapped in zbrush. Thanks for looking. Thanks Pixologic
Here’s the link of the competition http://www.evermotion.org/main/nox_winners
Here’s the video on how i lighted up the scenes in Nox

cam 6 fe.jpg
cam 5 fe.jpg
cam 4_fe2.jpg
cam2 fe.jpg
cam 3 dof5.jpg

here’s the final image

NOX_final entry_peter ang cgdigi.jpg

nice work Peter, personally i thought the second and third last image were the best, composition and interest wise. i also like the color grade, feels like a dreamworks animated movie. how long did it take to render the final image?

Hi John thanks a lot. It took 2 days to render it in nox.

Here’s my latest personal project all done in zbrush, post in photoshop. :slight_smile: This time i use fibermesh for the leaves and some branches,i really love how the Pixologic team came up with this amazing sculpting software… the BPR is very very nice and I used Lightbox and polypainting for texturing. thanks for looking.

Sorry for the compress image i can’t upload it if reaches more than 600k.
here’s the link for the uncompress http://petera.deviantart.com/art/Goble-317123285

PORTFOLIO-- http://cgdigi.cgsociety.org/gallery/

Mr. Goble is a 100 year old goblin from the land called Little Gatherers. He’s duty is to catch baby snails to feed it to their young ones.

trying some different background



Outstanding …:+1: I luv it…:D…Great job done and great use of ZBRUSH…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)


had too zoom out my browser 50% to see it all maybe a smaller image as it is very busy but well done - alot goin on there but i like it !!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thanks a lot guys, glad you like the image. :slight_smile:

I would like to share a zip file of a customize fibermeshes that i use on my scene, enjoy :slight_smile: some of the fibers that i use for the Goblin image are presets already.