Test the Zbrush Skill Tools in Colorization & Painting:)

This image above is not a Zbrush Image ! It’s a digital drawing by Cali!
An auto-portrait in a mirror during the drawing with ‘toshop’ :slight_smile:
Hi All
I suggest you a little Challenge :slight_smile:
This is an image of a crazzy french painter “Cali”
She has a Personnal Site : CaliRezo :eek: :eek: :eek:
Clic on “the little stones” up side page for see her crazzy paintings :cool:

I have her permission for you to “colorize” with all functions of Zbrush her charming “sketch auto-portrait” in Zbrush “Speed Painting” !
Just respect the format of 500*500 pixels or “pixols” (or less) but not more !
You can make all that you want but not manipulation as “bumping” the “Cali model” on a 3D objects !
It’s an exercice of “Colorization” & “painting” :slight_smile:
Painting with Zadd yes, Zbrush can paint in “thickness” :slight_smile:
All Alpha, textures, material can be use :cool:
Multi-layers authorized
It’s for show if Zbrush can make the same (or better ? :slight_smile: than prog like photoshop or painter :rolleyes:
You can see numerous examples (more 100 :eek: :eek: :eek: )
for have some ideas if you clic on “Arena” in her site!

For the normal users just right Clic Button/Save the image and use it in ZB
For the demo users just load this cali.zip (load Tools)
You can redraw it on the canvas with normal Brush + Texture + Alpha 0 + Stroke drag
Rect with rgb Only 100%
Have fun Colorizing “speed painting”!
Ps you can also take your time :cool:
Pss We are now quasi 10 000 Zbrushers, let see how many try this funny thing :slight_smile:

My try in 3 minutes :slight_smile:

The try of Juandel :cool: (I don’t know the Time) :slight_smile:





Super de- duper-ly charming !!! :smiley: :+1: :+1: :smiley:
good work both of you !!!

that one took about 15 minutes and included a run of Svengalis fabulous Scanscript, Pilou :slight_smile:

here is another try after first preparing a few selections in photoshop to be imported as alpha to make stencils (something went wrong so outlines are too fat :rolleyes :slight_smile: - so it took about 1 hr :slight_smile:

:large_orange_diamond: edit: to leave out photoshop it wouldnt have been too difficult to manually create the stencils inside z - but it would have taken loger than with magic wand in ps :wink:


  • juandel



Hehe Juandel transgress the rules and talk me that he was desolated :slight_smile:
He has reading too speed the rules :rolleyes:
Next time, it’s will be all made in Zbrush :rolleyes:
But you right a magic wand in Zb Should be terrific :rolleyes:
Have happy colorizing & painting!
Ps Hi Robo
Participate :slight_smile:

Van Gogh doesn’t have anything on me! :rolleyes:

Thanks Pilou it was fun




“crazzy paintings” ? frenchy these are wonderful, unique compositions, great brushstrokes, some of the very best i have seen lately, and i do browse a lot of painting galleries … thanks a lot for that link !!

and, provided i find time (its sunday, the day where i do have least time :wink: ) i take your challenge (thanks to cali to allow us using her drawing) … though i converted a little to photoshop lately … tools feel different, but i like try in zbrush again. thanks for inspiration a lot frenchy :slight_smile:

and great first entries btw :slight_smile:

Hi Kokoro
When I say “Crazzy” (a neologism because crazzy with 2 “z” don’t exist :slight_smile: it’s for me gorgegeus, somptuous, wondeful, fantastic, beautiful, astonished…
I hope you make a try :slight_smile:
Have fun Colorization & painting!

Hi King Vincent
Bravo! :cool:

Théo :slight_smile:

ah frenchy, thanks for clarification with crazzy :wink:

i made “speedy” painting (2 and half hour, and this is my fastest painting ever … :wink: ) and all zbrush, paint brush and a little smudge … and result ? zbrush has great painting tools, they compete with photoshop, just feel different … thanks for the fun !




Cute! Kokoro :slight_smile:

My 3 minutes of Cali speed painting :cool:



just one question :

“painting” in 3 mn… what for ?

Hi Fouad
It’s just a “speed painting session”
Classic mode of work in the world of graphism (peinture, Bd, graph, tag :slight_smile:
Fun before all things ! :cool:
Spontaneity before precision !
And with this method you can make many try in a small time !
But you can also take your time :rolleyes:
Participate :slight_smile:
You have not seen this at Cgtalk ?
There is an enormous thread about this !
“Speed painting” :cool:
(sorry for not take the link, but for crazzy reason I have not more access at this time to the nebulous of Cgtalk :frowning:
Take a look at
CaféSalé Forum :cool: Big section of Speed painting inside :eek: :eek: :eek:
Have happy surfing!

Hi Frenchy,

This is a fun exercise.

Here’s my contribution.

30minutes. Only the ‘Single layer brush’ was used. No Photshop.

Being a user of Painter and Photoshop, this is just as good.




Hi Cwhal
Very cool ! :+1:
If that please you can make another, there is no problem :sunglasses:
Have funny painting!
Ps Can you post it (the above painting) at
Café Salé the forum where Cali has started her thread or do you want that I make this for you ?
If you make it, It’s Forum/Dessin/Arena/ptit croquis de minuit

ptit croquis de minuit = little sketch of midnight :slight_smile:

Pilou insiste tellement.
37 mn.




Frenchy Pilou

Can you post my art at the Cafe forums?

My french is a bit rusty. :wink:


P.S. Nice work everyone.

Pilou, great challenge!
All contributors, great contributions!
Maby it’s not a bad idea to start a special vault or so where people can drop sketches etc. for others to work on. Or may drop one drawing, let someone start to work a bit on it, pass it on to a third one who does an other part of it and so on…
Btw Frenchy, please check this out:

Ok Cwahl
I make it :sunglasses:
Ps Fouad J’ai bien fait :+1: (mais t’as dépassé les 500*500) :smiley:
Pss Fets I try to find :slight_smile:

rectifié, dsl j’ai mémorisé 550.