Tatsumaki sculpt (OnePunchMan)

Hi there ! Here’s my take on Tatsumaki from One Punch Man anime! It’s still in a WIP stage for now but wanted to share and looking for somme Critics on my latest work in order to improve. Thanks !

A sneak peak closeup on the face :

Posing the lady with Transpose Master:

See you soon !


Looking forward seeing where this goes, good pose!

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Hi eveyrone, I’m still working on this piece while my few free time. Here’s some progress on the clothings and anatomy fixes. The feet where difficult for me to model correctly but I think I got a hang of it. Hope this is going in the right direction. What do you say ?

Next big step, fix that shoe that gone completely wrong (I must’ve used the transpose tool forgetting to mask it…) and make that hair behave as if she was levitating :slight_smile: Did i mention the clothes wrinkles to try out those cloth brush? :wink:

More progress coming soon !

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Hey everyone ! I managed to spend some more time just recently on this sculpt. I was very busy and PS5 just showed up… couldn’t resist it but that’s another story !

I focused mainly on my face sculpt for this session. It wasso hard for me to get back my focus on this one because I left it aside for a long time. Anyway I tried to fix the face sculpt issues (anatomy) while trying to keep a manga like approach.

The hair took me some time aswell due to the pose she has, I made it levitate a bit, and give some movement as she has always her hair floating around in the anime.

Finally give some more geo refinement on the body but not too much because it is mostly covered by her dress.

I’ll work a bit more on the muscle anatomy to it pop more on the dress. I got the feeling that musculature needs to show more beneath the clothings.

Anyway will be posting more often now that I have far more time to work on personal stuff.
Stay tuned :wink:

Can’t believe it’s been that long I posted something… Anyway I got to the point where I just want to get this done, I think the pose and anatomy are OK.
Please don’t hesitate to correct or pin point where I’m wrong in my work.
Working on this kind of project made me realise I wanted to print this, so I’ve been looking for how to get this into an actual printed sculpt.
Waiting for the final product here some of the latest pics of this project.
tat_200104-6 tat_200104-1 tat_200104-2 tat_200104-3 tat_200104-4 tat_200104-5

I think the clothings need more detail before calling it finished, what do you think? Any suggestion on how to make this piece really shine for a 3D Print?
Also I’ll be tweaking the hand gestures because it looks like kind of generic and will review the leg pose. Maybe even make her close her eye will give more sense in this levitating/“relaxed” but powerful pose.

I’ve been trying out some of the Zbrush “Anime” Render. Those options are kind of hard to grasp but I think I got the general idea. Will try more tomorrow, just wanted to keep this thread on going!tat_200104-7 tat_200104-5b

I would be happy to achieve this piece and make it a starting point for a printing career. I’m pretty confident I’ll make this happen :slight_smile:
See you soon !


Hi I’m still working on this sculpt. Today I focused a lot on the hand gesture and some of the rib cage volume. Trying to make some final touches before trying to figure out how to print this properly. Waht do you think about it ?

Oh and also I changed some of the rock formation so at least a foot is touching the rocks. That will help the character in the air but I think I’ll have to add an additional transparent vertical support on the opposite knee. I’m afraid due to the weight, it could break…
Also the black colour makes it difficult to see. Am I right ?

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Good job @Hugo_Polo, that “anime” render came out really nice! Keep it up! :+1:

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Thank you @Jaime , means a lot :slight_smile:

Hello, I tried out some render settings inside Zbrush for a more anime feel. What do you think about this first try? I’m not used to work the render/material settings inside Zbrush but I know where I’m trying to get at.
How / What to improve ? Any tips ? Thanks for the following!

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Hi everyone! I’ve put aside some of the sculpt work and rather concentrated my efforts on the render side inside Zbrush. Because I want to practice more anime styled characters and have a render style that I like. Okay less talking, more pics. Any advice making the anime render look better is welcome! :slight_smile:

Okay, now getting back on the some sculpt and make this look better.


Hi everyone, what a busy week ! I was still figuring out how to render this piece in a proper way staying in the anime field (but not too much). I got overloaded tweaking the lightcaps, matcaps, shaders, textures. and finally bpr settings… it was a lot to be honest to dig in and especially test most of the settings.

So my first serie of test was to achieve a decent result in black in white and then apply the colour on it (as I previously done in my last post).
My first try was a complete mess (the left grey one), but I wanted to show where I got from. Obviously I’m not putting all the results I got but just some after the first one. It got me to a better understanding of how the shadow work is done on the material for this type rendering.

Fortunatley during my study I stumbled on the work of Pablo Munoz Gomez that introduced me to quad shaders and the timing was perfect because I could assemble into one material all the recent gathered knowledge!

Thanks Pablo, you saved me from crashing my head through my monitor!

:rofl: haha!

My favorite one is the fourth (grey one on the right), I like how the shadow works on the hair, and chest but didn’t work well on the hand or the arm. But it was decent enough to begin working on some colour to see what the result would be.

OH! and while working on the black and white material render I got crazy and worked the shading result too far (lost sight of my objective or went frenzy at the end of the day, it could explain the result lol!)

But this wasn’t the result I was seeking, I was more thinking about these right here:

OK, then! I applied some colours (basic plain polypaint) and tweaked some more my custom QuadShader, adjusted the polypaint colours and basically pressed the bpr button (not knowing much about filters but added one or two for fun) and got these.
I liked where this was going but something felt wrong… Maybe too “anime” and I felt it was lacking of my special touch. My goal is to have most of my final image inside Zbrush but probably the final pass will go to Photoshop, just to enhance the result (if needed).

So here is where I struggled a bit searching how to get more from material I just created. Well, after tweaking here and there lots of sliders I reached the point where I didn’t know what I was tweaking anymore and decided to rebuild a whole new QuadShader from what I learned.
It was very instructive !

Again I got to a point where I gave all I could, still applying a simple polypaint colour to the subtools and tweak the QuadShader setting one by one to achieve step by step a more illustrative feel to the render while staying into the anime style. So these are the latest renders at this day and time. I’m pretty happy where this had led me, I disabled all shadow casting and ambient lighting from the light and the material settings to control as much as I could the shadow work. The trick was also to work a second QuadShader for the dress ! I simply duplicated the first one I got (skin) and worked on it to make a material reacting differently to light. I still think this second material needs some tweaking, I managed to get some crisp and interesting details from it ^^
But I agree it could feel a bit too posterised don’t you think?
:wink: I’ll keep this in mind next time.

Here are some last renders for today, I’ll keep you guys posted on further progress ! See you soon ! And thanks for the kind messages, means a lot!!


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great job.

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Your BPR skills are getting better and better, keep going!!! :clap:

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Thank you !

Thanks for following this topic since the begining !

Hi everyone. I’m very happy of how I’m progressing on this work. Here’s a sneak peak of the progress of today. I have to tweak more and make adjustments. But now the skin/dress/hair have their own shaders. This complexifies the work, but the fun is definitely here :slight_smile:

See you soon !

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Very cool! I like your progress, looking better and better :slight_smile:

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Thank you ! More enhancements to come :wink:

Hi there ! Trying to improve the shaders, but I feel kinda stuck for now. I’ve been playing with adjusting the filters and correcting the quadShaders, added some wrinkles here and there to help the shaders make the character’s dress pop out more.
I’ll concentrate my efforts on making a small rocky ground from where she pounces and make it live more with some floating props. I just need to keep away from getting soaked into the character now and improve it elsewhere. Anyway, what do you think of these BPR renders? Any suggestions ?
To be honest I think the last visual passes will be on Photoshop! :wink:

Awesome renders @Hugo_Polo, agree with you, she is floating lonely, adding some other elements will add to your overall composition. Keep it up!!! :clap:

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