TanooNoi's Sketchbook

This’s my sketch book!

This is just work in progress. I havn’t finished pants and detail yet. I’ll update what I do again. Thank you.







wow~!nice muscle sculpt~!

really nice!

amazing model…

is there any chance you can share his front view? I am very curious about his proportion and measurement…

this is just great

Great sculpt man ! Show us some more !

Hello guy here ad detail in body arm and leg I havn’t finished head hand foot and a bit of detail





Front Side and Backview :wink:



Very cool dude!!!

I love how his forearms and hands are so big that he really doesn’t have wrists. It’s almost like a toad or frog’s arms.

I love this sculpt. It’s looks pretty cartoony while still keeping some great anatomy.

just a general question though: why do so many people love sculpting the Hulk? is it because of his muscle detail or is he really everyone’s favorite super hero.

Love the updated hulk…really beautiful and great anatomy. :+1:

Can learn alot just looking at this.

Wonderful sculpt - cant wait to see more of him.

Looking good!

woot ! thx for the front view! it would be an excellent reference when i need a proportion guide for this type of character

I actually like the previous version better… just not sure if those skin stretching between the muscles are necessary for a human character (especially the thigh and pelvic area) if you want keep it on the realistic side… I would try to tone down those areas and see if you can find a mid point…

I think so many people relate to the Hulk character because he represents the rage that’s inside everyone and what happens when you lose control of that inner Hulk. When you let anger take control you lose your humanity. Who can’t relate to that?
He’s also visually awesome. Who wouldn’t love to transform into a super strong character. The problem is that David Banner can’t control it. It boils up until eventually it boils over and he becomes the unthinking rage machine, acting on impulse and the more angry he gets the larger he becomes.

: Thanks for all the comments guys ,So glad you like it

: I think both :slight_smile:

: I’m trying to find the way to make it’s look realistic, that’s may not work now. I’ll try to make it better next time

: Kob Kun Krub :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guy
Here’s final work , see you next time







i think its best that when you start adding skin folds and veins you should turn off symetry. and if you really want a realistic look to your musculature, dont be afraid to smooth out and fill in the areas where muscles connect or overlap other muscles with some fleshyness. skin rarely ever cuts into the muscle that dramically. you should get picture reference. also, muscle only bulges in certain poses. for instance, a bicept becomes rounded when flexed or pulling on something.

Well Done on your Hulk. You have a thorough understanding of your tools. :+1:

mjolnir no offence but your post seems kind of smartassed, his sculpt looks pretty realistic, low body fat humanoid monster could look like that, you should grab some references yourself ;D And still the point of hulk is over exaggeration so trying to put realism over stylization in someone else work is silly O_o
Anyway amazing sculpt, great anatomy and feels a pretty different from other hulks we get here ;D