TairoW's Sketchbook

Well this sketchbook is to evaluate my studies over time, I’ll post my sketches and works for the community !!
Please critic and comment my works, it will really help me!!

Female Body Anatomy study, what do you think? Need some pratice!

Model of Bruce Willis Head, i like this sculpt but his lips just don’t fit in…

Lips study, im trying to improve my skills on lips, love girls lips (they are tasty!!), my next complete piece will be a girl so I’m working to improve my knowledge on female anatomy and facial features that i like, this time lips!! What do you guys think as a good workflow to sculpt lips in zbrush??

Work hard to put many more things here!!! Cya!





Longe time since my first post.
So. Once again did some more mouth studies, PC broken for some time, but now back to work, through this week i’ll be doing some head studies before creating a full piece for portfolio. Today’s work Mouth, near 40min each mouth.


Lol, now i’ve seen. Been to ZbrushCentral comunity for more than 5 years but this one is my third post… (I’m used to looking in silence…) Need to talk more with people…

Today studies! Noses! Only 2 this time, did some tests with textures on the second model. Tomorow Ears! Even though im not quite happy with the results is good to study again.


Ok, time to sleep, need to wake up in a few hours…



Ears!! Tomorrow, eyes and on the next day I’ll try a couple of heads. On the weekend I’ll start my next piece of portfolio, the theme is already chosen, Witchblade. Later I’ll post the concept I’ll be using.

Too tired these days so I’ve missed a step and jump directly to the head.
The head still does not satisfies me but the progression of the saves make me happy of my little improvement.


Now, I’ll be researching for my next big project. So my next post will be of the study of the body proportions that I’ll take my time to perfect it.

My latest work, I’be creating the model of the Witchblade, to follow the work go on here : I’be posting the zbrush related stuff here of this project every time and the completed work, for the rest of the wip follow the thread on Polycount.

Used this as a first study to creating the character, I’ll start again. To achieve better proportions, form and gesture.

Two years since my last post, I started some more studies for anatomy and so on…
So I’ll try to post more anatomy studies here.

Arm study based on photo reference.

Image created as basemesh for a recent project and to study anatomy.
I’ll try to use this as base mesh for others projects too, but need some rework on anatomy (like his arm).


Basemesh that I’ll be using for my anatomy study for a few weeks.

Created entirely on dynamesh.


My Character for the GameArtisan Comicon 2015


Another anatomy study, this take some time, still far from perfect need to work more on the gesture and and pretty much everything.

crits and comments are welcome, need to learn how to improve my work!


I’ve played Ragnarok Online a lot, and to remember and honor these times I’m creating a fan art of my character the Champion, this is supposed to be a fast work so I’ll try to complete in a few days. This is the sculpt done.


Crits and comments are welcome.

My character its done, it took a lot more of time than it should, but, it was a good learning and work on the workflow, time to move on…

This is a tribute to time I’ve spent playing Ragnarok Online and my character was the Champion good times!! To all RO players!! Cheers!

I’m a big fan of Cristopher Lee so, I’ve decided to make a tribute to him in the form of a bust likeness of him, so I could pratice and honor him.
I’m not so good at likeness so what you guys think? Its not finished yet. I’ll do micro details and try zbrush fiber for hair and beard.
About the base model what you guys think?? Its similar? even a little bit?

My tribute complete.

Everything but the composition done in zbrush.
Composition of the passes from zbrush in Photoshop


Female chest study, fast one, just to warm up!


Another anatomy sketch before starting projects!

Male pose today!




Another quick anatomy study, female now.


Cartoon Head pratice for today