Summer exercise - alien

My summer exercise in ZB. I used also Sculptris6 (for base mesh) and CorelDraw and PhotoPaint (for background, description, and layers).

I really waiting for flip from ZB to Sculptris without problems with the surface - it will be great - will it be?

Sometimes there are bad days.

Happy viewing.
Hope you like.Render_Pion_02_nieboDC.JPGRender_tyl_pop_02.jpgRender_3_4_blizej_01rdza.jpgRender_clouseUp_glowa_03c.jpgRender_plecy.jpgPoster_01b.jpgRender_krzyk2.jpgRender_faktura_greenClay_Znaczek.jpgRender_gray.jpg





very cool concept and nice execution :wink:


Thank you.



A little work with poligrups and UV.


Fantastic start to your sketchbook…Great imagination at work and play…:+1: :slight_smile:

Love those frog eyes…:smiley: :+1:

Thank you very much SpiritDreamer.

Rendered in Cinema 4d.


Start a library of plants.




That plant is looking good, I guess that twisting took a bit of time. I’m planning on doing some bushes, palmes and stuff in zbrush myself.

Nice work, the alien real is alien, love the explaination of the gills on the back. And the way the twisted plant came out is very god also.

Thank you,
plant with a twisted stem is called a Pachira.
Now, gerbera, where most of the work was in the middle of the flower.

![05_Gerbera_cinema_02.jpg|717x538](upload://iqmBQVMVqkwApduP5zQuF0SYl3z.jpeg)![04_Gerber_render_01DC2.jpg|767x547](upload://vLBZ5t2JWCQPo3rezsWxBZhJGK.jpeg)![05b_Gerbera srodek_TEKSTURY.jpg|907x576](upload://9va3zBUthbo0bjFx0AHfDnmuRYr.jpeg)

Fantastic – great job!



Great work… I love the flowers… something softer on the eye and looking really good…

can you elaborate on how you did the flower…did you do it all in ZB?

plants are still an unual subject in cg, yours look fantastic ! wow, that middle of the gerbera looks like tons of work, or a great idea how to avoid that work ??? would you share more about it ? i always wanted create flowers, did a hibiscus flower once, about 10 years ago, and would now after seeing your amazing results like try again…

Thank you very much for your kind feedback.
I have read Shhark your posts about 3D printing, because I am very interested.
As for the work, all done in ZBrush, with the exception of the final renders with colored background (very waiting for new ways of lighting in ZBrush). In gerbera middle base is made of one piece and alpha impressed. Then I carved details and diversified. Other elements are duplicated and placed in a circle. Then duplicated and scaled circles. Of course, these wheels were a few, because there are varieties of flowers (probably all know this, but … these individual elements are the flowers, the whole inflorescence is :slight_smile: http://botany.csdl.tamu.edu/FLORA/fa06/fa06090.jpg
If something is unclear please ask, happy to explain.

Hibiscus I have not done yet, but soon can I show yet another plant.

Sorry for my English.

thanks rulonis, yes i think i understand, will try too. thank you for your inspiration. looking forward to your next flower

I try how big are the possibilities of using ZBrush to perform biological illustration.Mole_cricet_infografika.jpgMole_cricet_trzy.jpgCalosc_stage.JPGMole_Cricet_laka.jpg