Stubi //~ Realistic Women Head ~

Hello Gang,

I start to texturing my women with some technique, I use some real women texture to start and painting inside Photoshop. My render is made in xsi. My college from Hybride Yannick Gaudreau help my about realisty light rig. I use the sss Fast skin shader from xsi for shading. This is just a start but suggestion and idea is appreciate.

Thank’s all!

Frace view from the front:

45 angle and Side view:

I want to tweak a bit my eye for made a bit more cuty my girl. After that, I wich for put real hair for the eyebrows and for the little hair in the face. See you soon for the update.

Steve Jubinville
Digital Sculptor

i can’t believe, just awesome! did you use FG or GI?

good model dude! Gongrats :+1: :+1: :+1:

Gorgeous! Can you post the wireframe?

amazing job,the eyes are beautiful!!! :smiley:

She’s a cutie. Well done. I look forward to seeing her finished.

How did you do the eyelashes? For some reason, they look dense with make-up (like globs of mascara)…which is interesting. Is it just an aliasing issue?

Hey thank’s all really appreciate!!

zerodean: my eyelashes is made with 2 little grid I modeling just over the eye.

No zbrush on this image.

Ather that, I put the same shade from the globe of the eye and I apply on my water grid. For maximise the effect, I have reflection map on my skin and just on the border of the eye, I blash the reflexion effect.
Now the aliasing is very poor, the sss shader is to long for nothing.

stalsby: The wire

Leshiy3d: No Final Gather, I prefer use Light rig who recreate the outdoors ambient. Some light with little intensity with environment color for the reflexion is the best. For the Occlusion look I set my light with aria light.

Thank’s everybody!

I send update later!

Steve Jubinville
Digital Sculptor

Hey great work man! J’ai hate de voir ca terminer! :smiley: It’s always nice to see talented peoples that comes from Québec :wink:


very nice work. i cant tell if on the neck towards the back, is that texture rap around of her hair or polygons creating a chunky effect? other than that i would say its like looking in the mirror… err… someone else’s mirror…

You’ve really captured the detail from the photo well! I did notice something that I can’t explain. In the first picture if you look at the two sides of the models neck there is some reddish tinge. It looks a little like a rash, could it be a little left over hair from the photo? In any event you’ve done a great job!

top row mec! :slight_smile: c’est vraiment genial Steve! :slight_smile:

I’ve always loved your work stubi, Can you post some screen grabs of your shading networks? I gave up using max and i miss vrays Sub surface effects. I’d love to learn from you on how you got your skin done. The eyes are amazing too…could you show how you built your eye and maybe explain any special things you did with the shading networks with those too? Just love your work and like learning from some of the best. thanks stubi for any info

Are your eyelashes xsi hair btw? or did you manually place curves and extude mesh or something? Curious about those too, those look amazing.

hey . nice one man .

probably little bit too redish on the neck for me … but … really good work .

i like it :wink:

Pretty cool man!

The skin looks a bit noisy to me but thats a great start:+1:

I’ve always loved your work stubi the girls looks stunning.You’ve really captured the detail from the photo well!

Do you think that with Zproject you can make the texture look that real or is photo shop the only way, but great job by the way.

So Good Texture and material.
Good luck.

hey !!! very nice rendering…please show the lighting way…its perfect

Very realistic! Truly amazing work. Texturing is outstanding and the render is incredible! Five stars from me!