StormRising Sketchbook

Hello all. I’ve posted a link to some of my work in ZB. I’m looking forward to comments and suggestions.
portfolio: http://stormrisingoriginal.webs.com/




A recent chatacter sculpt. I’ll keep you guys updated with her progress.




She’s getting more pretty.

She’s got Barnacle and Spiked Wood forearm guards. Beta fish are thought to only have an aggressive male, but the female is just as tough.
Beta Girl’s Super Powers:
Sonic Bite/Super Chomp
Beta Slap
Beta Dash’n-Swim
Beta Stare-Down



Cool stuff dude, keep em coming! The look on that first heads face looks evil!

I did these sculpts as base for a line of ornaments. Enjoy, I welcome crits and comments.
P.S(It is not the ZB elephant, just looks simular.)




I’ve got all kinds of models done in zb over the years, but just now started posting sampels. So good to hear you like my work.


I’m building these models for a contract, all comments welcomed.



looking real good!!! like the elephants detail, not too sure what the zbrush elephant looks like, but yours looks good

I built this model as base for a Hutto Hippo Ornament. Hutto is a small city in Central TX with a legend of a lost circus Hippo.
The material is ABS plastic. Model created in Zbrush with 4.5 hours. I thought you guys might like to see another ZB creation in real-life plastic.


I wish for some cirts and comments on my work I display here. But yet it seems the forum here is lop-sided. Would someone comment on my work? Dam, I guess I need to impress you guys more? What is it? I’ve seen work with less skill get many replys. Strange, is pixolator the best place to look for constructive crits?

I can’t understand why I get absolutly no other comments besides one. Are people just that under-impressed by my work? I seen lamer models here get more praise. Whats the deal?

I would say that a big part of the problem is that when you uploaded your image you didn’t insert it into the post. As a result, nothing appeared in the bottom row of thumbnails and most people never realized that the thread existed.

Very few people read every thread. Instead, they scan the thumbnails to see what catches their eye. You’ll dramatically increase your exposure by inserting your images into the post rather than leaving them as a clickable attachment at the end of the post.

hahaha Dont worry about the comments. It doesnt affect my drive as an artist. Dont let it affect yours. It does suck that you put your work up and no one comments it to take the model to the next level.

Keep ya head up.

How do you get the scales to line up so perfectly? Every alpha and stencil i try just looks horrible. please help.

Hey, thank you for your support. The scales are not lined-up perfectly, just careful placement. :rolleyes:

like this?
Yeah, I have no Idea how to make that work. Could you explain more?

Hi StormRising… if you want critique it’s a good idea to say so;) Not all of us know exactly why you’re posting and in your first post it clearly looks like you just want to show off your cool print…

for the attachment thumb you need to add the attachment by pressing upload image or file, click the place image in post button in the popup, and then copy and paste the link [ATT_______ into your post somewhere… The image will appear

good luck

Hey Marco, cute little hippo :slight_smile: are you going to paint him??

Great. That helps,.

Hello, I don’t post here as often as I would like. Today I found some free time to post one of my latest 3d models. I work at Kraftwurx.com designing 3d printed products. This is a cartoon Turtle I created completely free hand without any reference. using zspheres and dynamesh. About 4hrs of work. One of my bosses asked me for a turtle 3 weeks ago, finally found time to pump this one out.
I am not trying to spam, just for educational and material/technology interest alone, I wish to inform you that this 3d printed product is avaible to purchase here:http://www.kraftwurx.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage_kraftwurx.tpl&product_id=685&Itemid=60

It is set in the site to be 3d printed in a material called “Amber Clear” or “Objet Fullcure720”. This material holds great details for small items and it paintable. The translucent renders are something like what Fullcure720 looks like.