StormRising Sketchbook

I created this “Tek Ring” concept quickly via simple tools like radial sysmetery and alphas with layer brush. It has gained some interest as an actual 3d printed ring. I know its basic, but I decided to provide the alpha I created to make this model as well.






This is very very good.
I think what you are calling basic is part of what make it so nice, and I agree with who ever is telling you that it should be printed in 3D.
Short of actually embedding actual circuitry and led’s and stuff into it it looks like the ultimate gift for the hardcore geek.

Oh! Thank you for the alpha!!


Very cool ring. :slight_smile:

Nice work.
I am investigating 3d print for possible marketing of some of the figurines I am making based on characters I have done for greeting cards since 1980. The most popular of these have been western humor…
See http://www.natesartranch.com/

I have experimented with making one into a ZCorp print (poor detail) and usiing that to have a mold made and then cast into resin with a bronze patina

I am looking at the site for the company you produce for to see what they do.

Basically I would like to cast into something that holds detail and resembles bronze in the final product. It should be cast into such a material, not requiring hand painting. Probably around six inches tall

if you have any thoughts or suggestions, I would appreciate your input




Nate. Kraftwurx.com offers a ton of materials. For what you want. There are a few options.

First: Kraftwurx.com offers the "Nano-Detail and “Nano-Wax” materials. Which are formulations of casting waxes and resins. These materials are auto priced on site according to the volume of your 3d model. They are designed to burn out perfectly and are very similar to traditional carving/casting wax. You can upload your model to Kraftwurx.com set scale and select from many different materials. I recommend “Nano-Detail Olive” for making a bronze cast. The “Nano-Detail High-Temp” is best for handling and scale model type parts. It is also formulated for rubber mold vulcanization. The site will auto calculate a price for you and allow you to make a purchase of your 3d printed resin model.

Second: I am not sure what quality of zcorp print you had before. The technology is ever changing. When you upload a .obj model with UV coordinates and select the Multicolor Sandstone material on Kraftwurx.com. You can upload a corresponding color map along with it. We print full color models on the zcorp 650 and process the models with the best possible materials. Producing outstanding details and color definition.

Third: You can contact me directly at marco@kraftwurx.com in order to quote 3d printing your model in a stainless steel/bronze mixture with heavy bronze over tones.

Let me know if you have any questions Nate.

Awesome, awesome artwork by the way Nate. I love your site. I just realized you are one of my earliest favorite artists! My Oh My. You inspired me man. I love you.

Hello all. I have had great fun with my fist test of the IMM brushes I found in the IMM Repository. Thank you all for the wonderful accessories. Teddy Tester enjoyed his new IMM outfit.


Glad I could do something worthwhile :cool:

I’m doing a small ZBrush sculpt of a Dachshund puppy (a cartoon/caricature) that I’m thinking of trying as a 3D print for sale at Kraftwurx
See the avatar at left in margin (and in my gallery… I guess)… still working on him

I need to go back and study how that works again at the site (Their posting of models for sale) and what is involved in getting into the program, costs, profit options and such.

I may shoot you an email as you suggested

Sure. Its free to sign-up as a seller. Default is 10% mark-up. But you can set specific mark-up per items to be whatever you want. Feel free to shoot me a message sir!

Heh heh, you don’t want to mess with this teddy! Nice work.


Well I have had the Lone Star ring I modeled earlier 3d printed at Kraftwurx.com. I used “Nano-Detail Amber Resin”. (PIC 100) This material is fully cast-able. I will most likely have the ring cast in stainless steel. Here are some photos of the 3d printed casting pattern. This Nano-Detail Amber Resin material on Kraftwurx.com is very durable and perfect for final parts such as scale model parts and casting into metals such as gold, silver, etc.
One of my favorites by far.

(I accidentally posted this more than once. I hope the admins can repair my mess.)

wow lovely print, that material is incredible
it looks like it can hold a stone, any plans to add one once it cast?

Yes. I am not sure what stone just yet. Something native to Texas and affordable. :wink:

Hello all, I have recently been hired to 3d model Mark A Nelson’s world of beasts and dinos. This is the first creation. It will be 3d printed at Kraftwurx.com and made into a multi-component model kit. Original creature design by Mark Nelson. 3D Model by Marco Valenzuela

Oh my god that’s seriously funny!!!

Very nice concept… and great execution… I really like the detailing on the balloon.

Well done !


Thank you J. While this was rather hastily done due to time constraints, I am happy with the results.

I am designing these models for war gaming miniatures. As there is little time allotted for this project. These were all done in less than 10 hrs.


Hello all, I would like to quickly share with you my latest piece of original jewelry. “Floración del cráneo” -“Flowering Skull” I pick up my first 3d prints of this in clear plastic Monday. Soon I will have it 3d wax printed and cast into Sterling Silver. Contact me if you would like one in a specific ring size. marco3dart@gmail.com
Marco_Valenzuela_Skull_Ring_01.jpgMarco_Valenzuela_Skull_Ring_02.jpgMarco_Valenzuela_Skull_Ring_03.jpgMarco_Valenzuela_Skull_Ring_04.jpgSkull_RingMav1.jpg http://youtu.be/p40XB_hy9M8