Stolen Work!

Hi guys,
I just wanted to drop a line here to let people know about this guy who is actually taking images from few members from this forum and posting them as HIS work, check it out here: http://amrak-chronicals.deviantart.com/gallery/

There are some images from AlexLeia and some other guys and also some of myself, I don’t really know what the steps to follow are but just to let all of you guys that this ****s happen!

It always makes me both sad and angry to see plagerism. Does this guy / gal actually belive that people will NOT know these works? Plagerism such as that is THE quickest way to ruin your career before it gets started.

I personally would like to see all 3d and digtal sculpting sites take a much harder line on this sort of thing. While I dont condone ‘witch hunts’, as artists we do need some sort of protection for what is basically OUR intelectual property.

It is not acceptable in way shape or form or for any reason to plagerise another artist. The fact that the images he’s stolen are for the most part well known show me that this may be someone young / new to the field who thinks they can get away with it.

Sorry if my view on this is a bit hardline for some, but personally I’d take all plagerisers out into a feild and shoot em. :wink: Failing that a nice legal letter of ‘cease and desist’ usually does the trick I find.


Wow, that’s an extremely crappy thing to do. I dont post at deviantart, but isnt there some way to report him/her to administrators/moderators?!? In my eyes, that’s immediate grounds for permanent ban.

According to this page: http://help.deviantart.com/contact

You should send an email to: violations@deviantart.com

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”(Einstein) :lol:

This is sad but true.
In this case the guy stole works that are very well known( at lest for me)
but if he had stolen from a young artist then this would have been very bad for the artist. :cry:

I’ll agree with you that it is wrong. To take credit for that or use any imagery done by someone else without permission is the same as theft.

As a side note, the most boot-legged 3D software is 3DS Max, but strangely enough most people don’t consider that theft…

Oh my God, that’s bad…and very…rude… taking credits for other people’s works. Even seeing the credit being changed to his http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/59331568/ is reaklly horrible. That’s no respect at all :frowning:

As I’m compiling Thai ZBrush Tutorial book, I also request many great works to be included in there to inspire people…and I do ask for their permissions and always clearly state credits where they are due…

Has anyone contacted the DeviantArt staff? This would be cause to do so! I’ll do it.

Message sent to the staff:

To whom this may concern,
The Deviant known as ~AmraK-ChronicalS has posted work from various memebers of ZBrush Central as his or her own work. Of course this was done without permission and is a copyright violation. As many of the people who had their artwork stolen are in the Film or Videogame industry, it would be in your best interest to shut down and permanently ban member ~AmraK-ChronicalS before legal action is sought. I would hate to see DeviantART condemned for the actions of a single user, as I like it here. Below you will find links to a thread where the artists who have had their work stolen are discussing the issue.


Thank you for your time,
Teyon Alexander

I’ve also sent a message off to Devianart.com and passed the info on to some others who track this kind of thing down. Imitation is one thing and acceptable, out right theft is another and unacceptable, and the stones to post stolen work as yours and then make such claims should be dealt with accordingly.

Cool. Hopefully they’ll take him/her down soon. It really sucks that work was stolen but at least you caught the culprit. I don’t even want to think about the dozens out there we’ve missed. :frowning:

i totally agry with u all guys…! i mean wht d hell is he/she thinking…? :evil:

how can nebody act so stupid…? i’ve also sent a mail to devianart…hope they will took some action soon…! this really sucks…! :mad:


Have actually had problems with photos that I have taken.

Problem was resolved to my satisfaction ( and profit) with legal help.

In this area, stuff I make isn’t that good, so if I see it somewhere else (
and I have), I consider it a compliment.

Main recourse is to copyright it, and then unleash the dogs of war.

Reminds me of why I don’t post finished work to the web.

If one look at this incident at a more filosofical level, one must think about how one should be able to claim his or her rights in this digital world. How can you say that it´s actually your artwork, when someone else is claiming the same thing and you have the exact same material as proof? Should gallerys and forums like this have a policy to demand source files before you will be granted to uplaod your images? Aren´t we then just one step from a policestate? ( or mistrust state…)

But on the other hand, piracy with software is very common but in that case it´s “only” hurting companys “who can afford it” (mark my irony!!!). I have never heard about a forum that is litterly boiling with rage because someone have found out that there is a guy or gal who is using cracked software. So where does morality begins, and where does it ends.
If someone makes a picture in a stolen software, and then someone steals that picture, who is the thief? Both? none? The first? the second? I think that this incident will repeat over and over. The “instant life´s” constant hunt for instant gratification by others, will of course generate all kinds of copyright violations for pepole who doesnt´have the means or talent to create or produce their own content. It´s quite interesting that all commercials says " You must look like me, be like me", just that message alone have created an armada of copycats who have based thier whole existence on copying others or looking like others. So the step to “copy” someone else pictures on the net, shouldn´t be such a giant leap for a whole generation that has been drilled in the art of copy and paste!

Just some thoughts…

PS I am in no way accusing anyone here for anything, I am just thinking out loud.

PS 2 Isn´t actually the highest form of admiration for your work, that someone has copied it and now claims it´s his or hers. That person just want to be like you, the superstar artist…

This prat should be exposed with a big photo showing what a low life looks like.Like dumbest criminals but ‘art thieves’ for the online forum traffic.:evil: :mad: :cry:

Sebcesoir, Alex Oliver, Metamesh… I had a lot of respect for these guys, but now it turns out they’ve been ripping off AmraK-ChronicalS?

That’s not cool.

Frome the site he posts:

“ALOT more to come! I’m going to stop putting my name on there, cause it stuffs the quality up.”


Yeah…putting your name on the work just stuffs it up!?! Makes people want to stuff something up somewhere on you too buddy!

lol…my thoughts exactly… blaggers… Amrak should sue :stuck_out_tongue: