Stolen Work!

LOL :smiley: that made me laugh out loud. :smiley:

I suppose a 'translation ’ of that line would be:

‘I have seen a load of image that I want to rip off but can’t find a place for my logo /sig and am too damn lazy to edit them.’

Anyone want to take bets how long till that stuff gets removed? :wink:


Ctrl z,

LOL, you hit the spot! :wink:

I have to say that I do enjoy at least some humour regarding this topic.
Don’t get me wrong I like most do not accept people claiming works of others as their own, but you got to ask what is this guy up to he obviously knows that most people can see that the works are not his own, but he continues to post images of others.
Maybe he is doing what many artists do these days, anything to shock and draw attention, and lets face it he has at least done that.
I personally do not post any of my art work on the web, mainly because it’s mostly in oils or acrylics and what I do with Zbrush is not really that good anyways.

Ctrl-Z keep up the humour, lightens things up a bit

From some of his/her comments It seems he/she is not aware that they are 3d objects and not physical objects. In particular the one where he is offering the finished cyborg for $129.

Perhaps its closer to ebay style fraud. Attempting to sell objects that dont actually exist outside the computer screen.

So not much to laugh about at all. Especially if some poor fool gets conned into ‘buying’.


Mike R

I dont believe it. :eek: And I was asking him only 10 minutes ago how he created those teeth on a character :rolleyes: . Well at least I didn’t praise him :mad:

None of my work was stolen (mainly because it sucks and I’m new) but this makes me pissed he went and did this.

I highly suggest posting comments under every picture he posted linking it to the original source material, this will make him look even worse. I’ve done it to a few images allready.

DA is notorious for stolen artwork of all kinds. Simply go into each picture in his gallery and click on the “report deviation” button, note copyright violation and post the link to the original image and artist.

currently on it

I love how the users of Zbrush are banding together to out this faker!!!

well its a small industry. if he had any dreams of working in it. its over! he will be exposed. just cant understand the lazyness. if he sucks just post on the forum and people will help you out! he must be like 12 and just figured out how to post stuff lol!

I have also reported everything in his gallery with links back here to the original thread each work was in. Hopefully by tomorrow this jerkoff will be gone from DA for good.

I just noticed that the first part of his user name is “karma” spelled backwards. :lol:

best thing to do as all artists do is post a digital watermark of your signiture name copyright

Just noticed this thread. I can’t believe someone would be this stupid.

probably just upped the twat’s hits on his site by a factor of 10 though
hope he does end up paying a heavy price for his dishonesty
maybe his parents will spank him

Woow, i just looked over your site man, amazing work, you’ll find work in a flash with a folio like this. Strong anatomy and great definition.


It is a small industry, I recognized and could name the artist that created just about every image in his very “impressive” portfolio.

Freewaldo was talking about jseverson i think
had a couple of seconds of being flattered then puzzled as i don’t have one online lol

I feel sorry for the guy because I’m sure he has no idea what kind of hurt he’s brought on himself… judging from the outrage he’s already stirring in such a short time, the consequences of his actions are going to be 20x anything he could have possibly gained, even if he got away with it

I don’t understand the motive in the first place… what kind of satisfaction can he possibly be gaining from this?.. what did he think he would do if he ever had to do any real artwork?.. commission? job offer? somebody in real life asks to see him work?

it probably is just a kid who is feeling very overwhelmed right now… I bet he wipes his deviant page clean and disappears anytime now, hoping it will all just go away

Haha he don’t even know what robocop is yet he created it.